Monday, September 06, 2010

NYX MLBB round lipstick swatch

i looove NYX round lipstick! it's creamy and opaque enough to cover my dark lips. i have 5, and all of them is in the neutral/MLBB (my lips but better) area. if you want everyday lipstick, maybe you can choose one of these lipsticks.

(l-r): frappucino, B52, Herades, mars, tea rose.

as you can see above, frappucino is the nude with the hint of pink color. B52 have more bluish undertone, while mars is in between B52 and frappucino, more on the brownish side. heredes more like brick-red/orange, and tea rose is the most pinkish among all.
my favorite is frappucino. i'm on my second tube now. i find it the most flattering for my skin tone, make my face look fresh. basically i will wear all of them, but my least favorite might be mars. it's just too brown, make me look like i don't wear anything on my lips.

sorry for the crappy pic, I really need new camera. but I hope it's useful.
have a nice day!
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