Friday, February 27, 2009

Electro magnifico

I was in the phase when I'm so addicted to cosmetics. I bought every single thing I need, from lipstick to eyeshadow, from red to blue. I wear make up everyday, for sake of experimenting.
Until I met one point where I feel I already had more than I need, along with my lack appetite of experimenting, and I always late to do make up before work. Then I stopped being addicted gradually (Actually it being replaced by shoe addiction, but let's hide the fact *shy*).

But somehow, I cannot live without make up. At least a lipstick. Errr, I'm sorry, I mean lipsticks-->one is never enough, frankly! Haha!

And today, I decided to wear an orange lipstick I rarely wear. It's called electro, from MAC. At the first time I saw it, I was kinda shock, since it's shocking orange! When my friend saw it, spontaneously she said, "how come you buy something like that?!" Eheheheh...

Somehow I like it. It's not too frightening on lips (or on photo, sorry for the lack of image quality.. I have no camera in handy so I took it with my bb instead). It's bright orange with the same (or less) amount of attention you'll get when you're wearing red. It's great to be mixed too. Mix it with red and you'll have pretty coral!

It's not my everyday wear, but it's great to brighten up my day a bit!
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Wednesday, February 25, 2009

The decent rain

Now this is the evidence to prove my word about weather. After a few sunny days with warm weather, all of the sudden, here comes the gloomy day with storm and heavy rain!

But I don't have to worry cos I got my floral umbrella here with me. This is not so bad after all..

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Thursday, February 19, 2009

Multiple boredom

This post is totally irrelevant and unnecessary. But it save me from dying...

It's 4.23 pm. Only about 17 minutes away from the saving bell to ring. But it felt like a million years... I'm so bored here in my office. I wanna go homeee....

Btw, this is my favorite doll I got from my nice supplier as a gift from Guang Zhou. It's actually a key charm but I like it better as an unnecessary doll hanging on my office's wall. It give my desk some refreshment.. Though it's still can't replace cold frestea *iklan* and es puter toko you to refresh my sleepyhead.

The jadulers

I found this photo in my photo folder yesterday, and I'm amazed of how I dressed then! Hihihihihi...

Btw, this photo was taken about two years ago, when I still have much time to hang out with friends (unlike now, for sure).

And the guy with red polo shirt and big smile is my husband. But he was my boyfriend then.

On me:

Scarf, tie rack

Tee, AIX

Vest, thrifted

Pants, thrifted

Bag, esprit

Shoes, some cheerleader shoes with no brand

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

warm black on shiny sun

Today I go out early in the morning to catch my first morning class. It was raining and chilly, so I decided to wear my comfy and warm outfit (not to mention the fact that I wanna wear my new purchasements X-P).

But the chilly weather stay for a very little while before it became hot and sunny!

Here I am, standing in my triple layering most-black outfit, sweaty as pig!

Darn weather!

Hmh, at least I look good.. *pede* LOL

Black tee, thrifted

Black long tank, random

Legging, random

Blazer, forgot the brand, purchased it from some FO

Shoes, candyfeet

Hello there!

It's still morning here, rain pouring down, the perfect situation to sleep again, while I have class at 7 am. Gosh!

Btw, this is my default style for a long time. High waist and animal print is my passion. I think I should live in the 80's. Haha!

Tie rack scarf

Venus in furs (by me) tee

Trf high waist jeans

Thrifted belt

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Sweet experimental mind

This is me and my friend Vella doing some make up experiment. We did it after temptalia's tutorial. It's soo helpful!

MAD indelible gel liner as base

NYX trio eyeshadow in ceramic

Lancome eyeshadow in cream

MAC lipstick in viva glam I (on me)

Rimmel lipstick in red hot (on vella)

Waist belt of the month

It's not an award. It's just two waist belt I purchased this month. In accidental shopping time.

I purchased the grey one on Solution, one of the factory outlet in my town, mainly selling bags and shoes. I went there to make some survey about bags for my work (obviously not shopping time). But then I found this belt and my heart screams! I can't help myself bring it to the cashier and went home with ridiculous smile.

Btw, I got more than enough attention regarding to this belt. Everyone can't help staring at my waist everytime I wear it. Maybe its shiny glass blinding them! Haha!

The second one, is the accidental purchasement when I went to buy fuschia lipstick one day. On my way to pay my lipstick, spotted: the pretty cute waist belt in ridiculous price. It's only idr24,5k! With no doubt I grab it and bring it home.

Well, these is just a few from my dangerous accidental shopping. I've been doing a lot of purchasement this month and now my money is only enough to last me several days. Huaaaaa...

This (and few other) post is made to remind me, why I'm broke now. *sigh*

Gray area

I don't know why, it seems like I always fall in anything grey. Be it light grey or deeper grey even silverish grey. This photo taken a few weeks ago, since I don't do much self-photographing (I always go to work in a rush, never had a time!), this is all I got.

I just purchased this extremely cheap legging (only idr30ribeng!), and tried it on with my grey cardigan and favorite-scarf-at-the-time. I will never wear this style outside though, since it doesn't securely hide my front and back side. Haha!

No brand cardigan,

French connection tee,

Super cheap legging,

Ciciero bag,

Charles and keith shoe

Vintage extra big scarf


I've been eye-ing this boots from Candyfeet for a while since the first I saw it on its multiply site. Unfortunately they don't do shipping for ready stock shoes. So I have to purchase it on Herroom boutique, which means, I have to go to Jakarta.

Last weekend, my hubby got sick, so instead of he visiting me, I went visiting him. To Jakarta I came! Lucky for me, my hubby's get well immediately (ternyata obatnya cuma belaian mesra sang istri..haha!), so I can ask him to take me to the bootie I want! Ha!

The journey from my house in Depok area to the boutique went quite adventurous! We took the trip (which is a long long trip) by motorcycle, and the rain came pouring us periodically, jadi kudu pit stop, twice!

After the long and adventurous journey (since our *especially me*Jakarta street acknowledgement seems dull), we found the boutique and the bootie!

I spent my last money for it (after many accidental shopping this month) though it's idr100k higher here than the price on her multiply site.*sigh* Wild guess, it's due to its expensive rent. Kaleee...

However, I gooot iiittt... *dancing*

And I wear it today. Hiha!

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Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Love-hate relationship

Yesterday, I wore this ugly-lovely pants which has love and hate relationship with me. At first I love it, but then I hate it, now I love it again, and then hate it.

It's been a while since the last time I wore it to some kind of costume party with 80's theme at the office (and everyone said I'm the winner).

I've abandoned it for a long time with two reasons:

1. The cutting is so yesteryear. It's the real vintage pants from the 80's, so it's purely describe the trend back then. I don't wanna look like I've jumped from the time machine! Duh!

2. The bottom side of the pants is too wide for me (and I have wide bottom y'all). It didn't fit well.

BUT, I do love it, because its high waist (which I love) and baggy cut (in alternatives of never-ending skinny). So I try it on again yesterday, and magically, it fit! Pantat longgar no more! Haha!

I wore it with pride to the office, and I did my usual work-thing, sitting in front of my computer. Then I feel my stomach hurt. TERNYATA, my pant's too tight in the stomach area. It's not too obvious when I stand, but when I sit, gosh I can't breathe!

Hhh.. I guess I'm bloating. *cry*

Dengan hati ga rela (karena mulai cinta) ikk terpaksa mempensiunkan ni celana. Huh, hate status!

PS: turn out it's not the pant's fault, karena I tried other pants today, and it's ohh.. Ketiiittss!! *cry louder*

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Tuesday, February 10, 2009


first post!
well, I'm not quite prepared this time, so I'm a bit clueless here, haha!
I promise to post waaayy more interesting stories later. but now, i'm just gonna spill some facts about me.

1. i live in Bandung, Indonesia. great town, less stressful than Jakarta. 'though the traffic jam seems worse this time (especially on weekend, duh)
2. i'm 23 now, 24 next month. nothing special about it since i'm no longer waiting for my 25 to get married. *hihi...*
3. yes, i'm married. 8 months now. and still considered as newlywed. mesra terooosss....
4. but no, i have no child yet. they're still in the making progress.. favorite thing!*sambil pasang muka binal, arrr arr arrr*
5. i work as a designer in INVICTUS, one of the local clothing in Bandung.
6. i love fashion, styling, shopping, and make up. haha, i'm sooo girlie.
7. i'm not a gadget freak and practically don't care about the latest gadget or else. but i do love my berry, it's a great companion since I don't talk a lot. i prefer writing than talking, so you can easily find me in the corner, having great time in a little world of me and my berry.*jiwa autis mengalir deras dalam darah*
8. i'm taking post-graduate program majoring design in my former university, ITB. i'm on my last semester and i'm dying to get away faaaaast!

well, i guess that's enough for now. i'm gonna leave you with some picture of me. not so artsy, y'all, i'm bad at pictures, but whatever.

--> internet connection is such a sucka, it won't upload any picture! grrhhh
see you later, then!
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