Tuesday, January 25, 2011

little trip to the zoo

A while ago, maira with her mom, grandpa and grandma went to the city zoo. it's only a few miles from home, we didn't prepare anything much, but it's great experience for the little girl.

"hello, camel! you look..weird!"

for this little trip i wear:
localtreat tee
no brand short
no brand shoes
ciciero bag

Tuesday, December 21, 2010


ini seru, blog yang isinya eksperimen2 make up bertema mingguan. jiwa gw menggelinjang denger kata 'eksperimen dandan'. jadi tanpa ragu2 dan malu2 gw ikutaaaannn...
tema minggu ini futuristik. well, hal pertama yang muncul di benak gw adalah warna silver, lalu neon. walaupun udah lama mikir2 mau gimana, ternyata eksekusinya ga semudah yang dibayangkan. untungnya anak gw tidur rada lamaan tadi siang jadi gw bisa menyelesaikan EOTD ini.

MAC pigment in silver fog
MAD indelible gel liner in black
NYX trio eyeshadow in ceramic
la tulipe e/s in neon green
MAD cream e/s in nude frost

berdandan itu menyenangkan, tapi lebih menyenangkan lagi kalo ada temennya! jadiii kalo ada yang mau ikutan, langsung aja kesini.

Monday, December 13, 2010

EOTD: little blue sea

good lord!! i'm baaacckkk!
curi2 kesempatan buat bikin eksperimen lenongan sambil ngemong anak. nyahaha.

duh, udah lama ngga membencong, agak karatan gini cyiiinn...
btw, ini hasil lenongan pertama di blog ini pake NYX S101. review dikit ah (belinya kapaaann review baru sekarang. gapapa ya? iya): jadi palet ini beneran palet yang wearable banget buat sehari2 deh. warnanya kebanyakan neutral, cakep2 buat siang dan malam. tapi buat kamu yang doyan warna dar der dor kurang recommended deh ya. warna2 yang paling terang di palet, ternyata tetep aja kalem waktu diaplikasiin. well, fotd gw yang ini menggunakan warna2 paling gonjreng disitu, tapi hasilnya tetep ngga gonjreng2 amat kaaann?

sekian dan terimakasih.
horeeeee nge-blog lagiii!

Monday, September 06, 2010

NYX MLBB round lipstick swatch

i looove NYX round lipstick! it's creamy and opaque enough to cover my dark lips. i have 5, and all of them is in the neutral/MLBB (my lips but better) area. if you want everyday lipstick, maybe you can choose one of these lipsticks.

(l-r): frappucino, B52, Herades, mars, tea rose.

as you can see above, frappucino is the nude with the hint of pink color. B52 have more bluish undertone, while mars is in between B52 and frappucino, more on the brownish side. heredes more like brick-red/orange, and tea rose is the most pinkish among all.
my favorite is frappucino. i'm on my second tube now. i find it the most flattering for my skin tone, make my face look fresh. basically i will wear all of them, but my least favorite might be mars. it's just too brown, make me look like i don't wear anything on my lips.

sorry for the crappy pic, I really need new camera. but I hope it's useful.
have a nice day!

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Almaira Majida Mae

29 April 2010, my dear baby maira was born, and change my life completely. she's two months old now, never fail to amuse me with her cute gestures and smiles. :)

Sunday, July 11, 2010

look closer to the belly

long delay, for good reason this time. tee hee.
yes, my baby has born, and i'm reborn. now my life has new meaning. :)

but before i introduce her to you, let's travel back for a while. i realized i didn't provide enough preggy pictures. though it may not too fancy, but it's rare moment.
when i was pregnant, i didn't buy any maternity clothes except the pants. and i wore the same thing all the time. so this picture practically representating what i wore in the whole preggo days. haha!

Friday, April 16, 2010

NYX S101

i fell in love at the first sight. this palette is just perfect for me!
let's start with its bunch of eyeshadows. it contains 35 e/s colors with neutral, greenish, purplish, to pinkish shade. it also contain one blue and one yellow color. the colors are more to warmer side, i guess. that's why i love it, beside its wide selection of greenish eyeshadow. i looove green!

the bronzer and blush on this kit doesn't disappointing either. it has various color selection from lighter to darker color which is great for every skin shade.

to be honest, i haven't try all of them on my face. just tried it once, and happy with the result! the color pay-off is great, and its bronzers and blushes are subtle, you can always build it!

with its price tag, this is the must-have item for all make up junkie! such a steal!

Monday, April 05, 2010

confession of the bad blogger

bad, bad blogger, i know!
apalagi saat ini gw sedang sangat terdistraksi dengan mempersiapkan diri jadi ibu baru, ngga kepikiran lagi untuk belanja2 buat diri sendiri apalagi memposting hal2 yang (sekarang jadi) ga penting itu di blog. oh so fail! hahaha.
well, now i'm not trying too hard to make this blog layak disebut fashion blog karena emang ngga. apalagi kemarenan isinya malah tentang per-makeup-an, wahaha! jadi ini emang personal blog berat, tapi ga akan gw lacurkan dengan tiba2 jadi ibu2 blog.. tenang, betapapun gw menginginkannya, gw ga akan tiba2 ngebahas cloth diaper kok! wakakakakakakakak!
anyway, i'm baaack!
foto ini diambil saat kandungan gw berusia 28 minggu. sementara saat gw menulis ini udah 33 minggu. sebegitu bad bloggernya emang gw, udah poto dari kapaaan, baru diupload sekarang. gapapa lah yaa, i just want to show you my belly, yang growing bigger seiring juga dengan bertambah besarnya badan gw (naik 15 kg btw). dari depan ga begitu keliatan ya, tapi dari samping wakwaaww...hahaha!
oh iya, leggingnya baru niihh, beli di cotton.ink, my second legging from them. i like it karena bahannya tebel dan high waist. high-waistnya emang ga oke buat kondisi gw sekarang, (punya pinggang aja ngga masih sok2an high waist! haha!) tapi nanti pasti akan oke sekaliii... itung2 investasi legging. (berdoa aja semoga ga melar saat gw kurus nanti. eh, kurus? amiiin! LOL!)
selama hamil ini gw emang jarang benjet pake dress kecuali di rumah (as known as daster). selain karena emang ga punya, gw juga ga semangat belinya. dari dulu gw kan jeans girl, rasanya tetep enakan pake jins deh buat kemana2. sementara orang2 di sekitar gw, terutama golongan2 tua pada meringis liat gw hamil gede tetep pake celana. hehehe.
but the bad news is my dear favorite maternity jeans (yang ukurannya M) udah sempit mampus. huhuhuhuhu!
so, legging is my only option. oh sama jegging berukuran L. hhh. pasrah deh, gw emang gedaaayy sekarang, apa mau dikate.
tapi biarpun disini gw ngebahas betapa besarnya badan gw, sebenernya itu sama sekali ga pentinglah. being a mom is the biggest wonder for me. tapi udah ah gw ga mau bragging gimana excitednya gw merasakan si bayi nendang2 di perut atau asiknya belanja keperluan bayi. cukup di twitter aja, hahaha...
see you later! mungkin kalo ketemu lagi gw udah lahiran. eh ngga ding, gw pengen pamer palet dulu! hahaha. palet apaa? nantikan posting selanjutnya! *sok penting* :))))))

Wednesday, February 03, 2010

yellow, black, purple

hi! i was meant to post this weeks ago but just don't have the time (and internet connection).
yes, i still playing with make up. this is my passion right about now. hope you don't mind! :D

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

bronzer trial + FOTD

like i said previously, i was really a bronzer virgin..till now. soon after i received my first bronzer ever, i try it on my face after some youtube tutorial.
i used stila sun spf 15 bronzing powder #2. it's matte, so it's safe to be used as all-over color. disco ball worry free! the color is buildable, depend on how tan would you want to be. me personally used it (mostly) as contouring color, to give dimension to my face.

for this look, i apply foundation (in this case i used bb cream) which is one step lighter than my skin color. it always make me look ghostly, that's why i need bronzer.

first, i apply bronzer in green area, which is contouring area. i found it by making 'fish look', suck my cheeks as much as i need to see the hollow below my cheeks. i did it several times till i achieve the right color depth. then i blend (with little color on my brush) the bronzer in blue area. as you can see, i made the big W on my face. from the temple, down to jawline, up to the nose. i add more color right below my apple of the cheeks and blend it thoroughly, make natural big W. i also dust some bronzer lightly in purple area.

in this look, i didn't only use bronzer, but also blush and highlighter. i wore my blush on the apple of the cheek to the temple and blend it with previous bronzer. then i applied highlighter on T-zone and my cheekbone. i used soft bronzer from Everyday minerals as my highllighter. true to the name, it really is soft, almost unnoticeable but i can see the difference.
voila! not too bad for first timer, aight? *big grin*

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

the chronicle of maternity jeans

i love wearing jeans, i could die without it. you can imagine how it hurts when i have to facing the truth that i can't wear my jeans anymore. with that fact, getting maternity jeans is my only option. sadly, getting them is not as easy as flipping hands. it should be well-fitting, good looking, hold my bumps and above all, comfortable.
that was my lucky day when i found this zara maternity jeans on sale booth in riau junction. there's no zara in Bandung, so i'm a bit overwhelmed when i found it. especially when they give 50% off the already discounted price!
this is a good maternity jeans. the stretch jersey hugging my bumps, hold the jeans which is nicely wrapped my butt. and the best part is i can still wearing size M! woo-hoo! (though in fact it was a huge version of size M, haha!)

see? M! LOL

Nyx, Mad minerals and Stila haul

two packages arrived today! and i'm uber-happy! it contains nyx 10 palettes for your eyes only in mysterious brown, mad minerals cream eyeshadow in nude frost, and stila sun spf 15 bronzing powder #2.

i believe all of these will become staples in my make up routine. here's why:
1. nyx 10 palettes for your eyes only in mysterious brown. this palette contain 10 subtle colors that compliment each other. all of them are pigmented and buildable without being chalky. however, i found their darkest one somehow less pigmented than the lighter one. i love most of the colors. my favorite is, of course, the green one. i try it on my lid, and the color pop without being over the top. loooveee it! i also love the violet and lilac one. it's subtle yet showed, though i haven't try it on my lid but i guess it will be great.

2. mad minerals cream eyeshadow in nude frost. the color is sooo nice for my skin tone. i used it for base and highlighter. well, as a base, it doesn't really do anything for your eyeshadow unless to make it stay longer. i mean, it doesn't make your shadow color more vibrant or else. but the texture is great. it's not sticky or creased because it turned powdery as soon as you apply it. and nude frost is the great yellowish nude color with shimmer. for me, this is highlighter i've been longing for so long!

3. stila sun spf 15 bronzing powder #2. this is my first bronzer ever. before this, i was such a bronzer virgin. getting a bronzer means i step forward to the next level of beauty school world. hahaha.with my non-existent experience, i guess i can't make a good judge of how this bronzer works. but with newbie eyes, i can tell you one thing or two about this bronzer. it's a very-subtle-almost-matte bronzer, though if you look more closely you can see a bit shimmer in it. it's like medium-dark powder in pan, but apparently it's not dark on my NC40 skin. yes, it has orangey-tinge, but i found it okay. i just used it slightly on my cheek to look how it turn out on my skin, and so far i like it. will inform the development later, i need more practice in this department! haha.

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