Monday, August 31, 2009

Oh so random

Hello dearies!

Oh wow, it's been ages since the last time I made outfit post! Aha. Not that it's so inspirational, but I have to be consistent with what I've started, ain't it? *grin*

However, I still can't provide it anytime soon, with these following reason:
1. Lack of tripod. My sister's friend borrow it and hasn't return it. Well, I need that tripod because apparently no one willing to snap hundreds picture of me. They usually take one or two pictures, doesn't really care if the result is good or not. On the other hand, me, as the model, isn't so photogenic. It took hundreds before we can find the decent pic. Yes I'm that lame. Haha.
2. Lack of inspirations. I wear the same things over and over again. Its like living in the single suitcase. Same pants, same jacket, mixed with different tops and shoes. That's it! Not so interesting, ain't it?

By the way, I change my header picture. Do you like it? :D

Is anybody here watching skins? I'm kinda late to catch the hype. I just bought the DVD and watch it continuosly from season 1 to 3. I like it!! Ahaha. I'm looking forward for their next season. I heard they'll start taping it soon. *crossing finger*
Before I saw it, I heard somebody said it's like british gossip girl. Well, it might be, but somehow I like it better than gossip girl. No unnecessary thing such as being a queen at school. Duh.
In the third season they changed the character. I still like the first characters better, they all equal in qualities. Meanwhile, the characters in third season is somehow typical. Too pretty, too cool, too un-cool, too handsome, too wild, too slutty, too naïve. Boring.
I wish they'll bring back original characters in season 4. Tee hee.

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Bb cream vol 2

Bb cream swatches, left-right: A'pieu fresh, Missha Watery, Scandal, Missha Perfect Cover #21, Dodo club.

The quest of HG bb cream continue!

Btw, some of my friends asked me, what is this bb cream actually?
The least I can say might be: a foundation with benefit. It's like primer, foundation, sun block, moisturizer, whitening become one. It said as the magic cream. Haha, seems overrated. Maybe because when you put it on, your face magically looks better! Of course, your face will be back to normal once you wear it off. But it said that it has some benefit with daily use such as whitening, anti wrinkle, etc (depend on the product, of course)
And what kind of better it will be? Well, as for me, it vanished my pore, (slightly) hide my acne scars, make my face look even.

Then the quest continued..

My 4th attempt is Missha watery. True to the name, this bbcream tend to be watery. Not too runny, it's more creamy AND water. I guess you have to shake it before appliance. A bit weird, but it didn't affect the performance, though. So far I like it!
It's sheerer than the first three, but the shade is great for my skin! Oil control so-so. It give you glowy finish (not greasy) you might want to tap powder after it (but I don't). After a few hours I can see my nose a bit oily, but in the end of the day my face still look OK. This is the product I find myself grabbing often.

The 5th attempt is A'pieu fresh. Well, I can safely say it's fail to me. Coverage better than missha watery, the shade is yellowish, it said it has good oil control. But for me, it can't blend in my skin well. Even though they look not too fair in the tube (compared to missha PC #21), it still leave whitish tone in my face. After few hours, I can see my face patchy, one side fairer than the other, and it's greasy too. No oil control, instead it drying my face. Blahh.
So far this is the worst bbcream I ever tried. Too bad, I actually love the texture. Maybe it's just not for me, cos I heard some people love it.

After 5 attempt (yes, five is enough for me). I decided to end the quest and give the HG status (for the moment) to Missha watery! This is the darkest bbcream I've ever seen yet it still light for my skin (am I that tan? Seriously). My grandma said my face look good, and she said it after I did my daily activity which is full of sweats and dusts. Ha!

Thursday, August 13, 2009

BB cream craze

have you tried bb cream yet?

maybe some of you haven't recognize what bb cream is. BB stands to blemish balm. no, it's not an acne cream. it's more like tinted foundation with an advantage of moisturizer, nourisher, primer and sunblock. it said as the secret of Korean stars flawless face's secret. :D

i'm not a fan of Korean stars, but this bb cream seems promising. tried and tested.

i've been using it about a year now, but not religiously. my first (for a long time) bb cream is dodo club since it's easy to find (on the internet), got a good review, and cheap (of course).
i like how this (claimed as) magic cream done with my face. it make my face supple and better by slightly covering impurities. but a thing about this dodo club is it doesn't match my skin tone. as a common Asian, i'm yellow-toned, and this dodo cream is more pink-toned. even though bb cream's coloring tend to blend with our skin, it still annoy me.

the dodo club bb cream

that's why, after long time, i finally has a courage to find another bb cream that really suit me. and now it seems more difficult (or easier?) since there are soooo many range of bb cream to pick. oh.
my second try is Missha Perfect Cover #21. unlike the dodo club one, it has two color selection, 21 and 23. 21 is fairer than 23, while the 21 has more yellowy undertone, 23 is more pinkish. so i pick the 21. turn out it's way fairer than my skin i look like a ghost. and though it said as more yellowy, it's still pinkish to me. despite of the color, it's actually good bb cream. high SPF, good coverage, easy to blend, good oil control.

missha M Perfect Cover

i found it quite difficult to find the perfect bb cream for my skin tone. since most of the bb creams are originated from Korea for Korean market, they were tend to have fair colors. dodo club was said as the dark bb cream, and it still too fair for my tanned skin. :(

the search continued, then i try scandal bb cream. i think it's dc now, so hard to find it in the market. i heard that it was one of the dark bb cream, with good review (no SPF, though), and nice packaging! tee hee..

it has better coloring than two previous bb cream! slightly grayish tho, but ok. i think it will suit better for night out since it has no SPF, and the coverage is somehow heavy (especially if i want my face look entirely flawless from those nasty acne scars).

that said, i need to search more! :D

Wednesday, August 05, 2009


when i heard the news that phoenix (a french band, in case you're wondering) will come to Jakarta, i was screaming happily!
after more than a month drowning our ears in their albums, they're finally here!
the awesome thing is, i met them face to face accidentally when i was out from lift in Pacific Place. (!!) but the un-awesome thing is i didn't get a chance to take picture, i was too shocked, they're too close! haha..

after all, the gig was awesome. i was screaming all the time! haha.

naif with their hype performance

the S.I.G.I.T. awesome!

rock and roll mafia. will be great in the right crowd

the awesome phoenix!

the scream team

my first FD gathering

Fashionese Daily is Indonesia’s leading blog about fashion and beauty which also has their own forum. Their forum is so great, with more than five thousand member of Indonesians in all over the world!
With a noble mission of uniting their forum members, Fashionese Daily (FD) held their first big gathering. Yay!
For me, it was my very first time to see the face behind the nicknames. Though I’m not very active in the forum, but I notice some nicknames, and we’re in touch by twitter (and blog), so meeting them in flesh is such an exciting thing!
I’m glad I took a trip from Bandung to Jakarta to meet the beautiful girls of FD. They’re fun and friendly. Initially, I wanna be acquainted with all of the members there, but they are too many with too little time.
But I’m so happy to finally meet fellow bloggers I listed here, such as Dhyta, Putri, Mike, Novnov and many familiar nicknames. They’re awesome!
Finally, this is me red-carpet style with the purple dresscode. H&M blouse, unbranded jeans and shawl, topshop belt, candyfeet shoes.

image source: fashionesedaily

Yippee! Can’t wait to see you again, girls!

jakarta trip day 2

Ah, in case you’re wondering, I’m here and fine. *grin*
Apologize for sporadic posting, especially when I’m supposed to write continuous story. My bad. :(

At first it’s hard to decide where to go in day two. But then we decided to had a lunch at PIM.
Since it’s our third mall already, we were not as excited as the other day. Mall to mall, they’re just slightly differ, but they’re practically the same. Yes, they have the same tenant, such as ZARA, which was held a mid-year sale. My hubby falling for their shoes he saw in Grand Indonesia, but they were ran out his size. Fortunately, the PIM one got his size, and it fit perfectly well, so, another shoes for him!

We had lunch at Pasta de Waraku. It’s our first try, and we were mesmerized by their number of choices. After quite a while, we decided our menu of the day. I forgot the exact name of the menu, but I had the soup with scallop and he had the spaghetti with crab cake. They were faboosh! I wanna try other menus!

Contented with pasta, we still had some room for frozen yogurt (again). This time we try heavenly blush. I pick the ori-pome twist, and I should agree, the pome one tastes like ol’ sugus candy. Haha! It’s good, but I still like tutti frutti and jcool better. I don’t really like this HB after-taste. But oh, their mochi topping is better than tutti frutti tho!

Last pic, this is where I dragged my hubby to took a picture of me head-to-toe. Tee hee…
I wore zara blouse, shawl, unbranded jeans, secondhand bag, charles&keith shoes and wind blowing my hair. :)
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