Tuesday, September 15, 2009

online shopping day

sitting in front of laptop, with internet connection and the urge of shopping is dangerous. i did it.
and casual browsing leads into serious buying...

black cardigan (on left), buy it on Scarf Collection By Me. they sell few adorable handmade item, and this cardigan is just perfect for my fall collection.

grey pants from vittabelle. i've been looking for slouchy pants like this a whole time, so happy i finally find it, though it's not ready stock. vittabelle designed their own clothes, consisting dresses, jumpsuit, skirts, and many more. have a look!

slouchy tee from Local treat. i just found this online shop few days ago, and decided to place an order for their tee. it's from their collection called the freakish. they also sell few cute dresses, skirts and bags.

see? internet is such a poisonous thing. *sigh*

retail therapy in grey

the shopping season is here!! yay! haha. this is what i purchased in the shopping day with hubby.

1. GAP jacket, purchased it on Grande, some factory outlet in Bandung. cute, comfy jacket for everyday use.
2. Birdie belt, from Royal Queen, a small boutique owned by our friend in Jl. Ternate Bandung. i always fall for waist belt, plus it has black and gold ensemble. double love!
3. Zippered shirt, from EST. it's no secret that i'm craving for some zipper.
4. Grey dress, from happy-go-lucky. it's my first visit to happy-go-lucky, a small and cute boutique at Jl. Ciliwung 14 Bandung. i'm impressed with their products, can't help to buy this unique-shaped dress. simple and so me. :D

when i got home, just realized i bought all-grey ensemble. this is totally unintentional.
to make it worse (or just to match it), i also bought this cotton.ink legging in dark grey. aha!

source: cotton.ink

happy, happy, happy!

Thursday, September 10, 2009

lost in translation

these photos taken on dinner (buka puasa) with kria-ers last Friday. they're my college friends. we were doing assignment together in rush hours, and eventually graduated together.
that night we had sooooo much laughs while taking these weird photos (ini lebih menyenangkan daripada bergaya emotional breakdown ala marshanda. jaha.) and afterwards. anything can be the topic, and anything could make us laugh out loud. wicked.
ah, miss you all weird stuff! ayo kita karaoke abis ini!

Wednesday, September 09, 2009

short cut

my hair was like big, fat and frizzy. it need trimming, yes.
after my mom's long fuss, i decided to make short visit to my regular hair stylist to get new hair cut.
well, it's a bit too short for my liking but it will grow eventually, aight?
at least no more hair fuss, i'm so relieved. now i can sit back on my favorite spot peacefully.
later y'all!


black, studs, embellishment, leather, slouchy things and zipper runs in my blood.

source: forwardforward, polyvore

Monday, September 07, 2009

black, black heart

When I first saw this Sash limited collection in JUICE magazine, I’m falling instantly. Not quite sure why, I’m lusting over black again. I promised myself a while ago, will add more color in my closet, but this black temptation is just too strong to avoid.
So I’m heading to their website and see the entire collection. I like them all! But nothing quite shoot me right at heart to lead my finger hit the ‘buy’ button.

My first pick is the black asymmetrical dress. But on second thought, I know I won’t wear it much, and it will not so wise regarding to the price. Second pick goes to another dresses. Skipped it with very same reason. Then I move to another item, this time is cardigan and blouse. Still, something not right, my heart didn’t approve.
FYI, I always shopping with instinct, don’t know if it’s good or not, but sometimes my instinct works better than my brain.

pics source: satcas/sash

In the middle of browsing around, I remember the midi black dress I bought in Public Affair a year ago. I didn’t wear it much, but it only cost me 80k so nothing to lose. I thought it can be the substitute for this 250k Sash dresses. It’s not fancy but quite good to be the basic black dress.
So I paired it with my DIY studded jacket, zippered boots, chained necklace and quilted bag. Not too shabby. In fact, I like it. I guess I have to learn to wear skirt sometimes.

PS: I’m still in lust with the Sash dress. Help?


these pics was taken on wednesday, right before I took the trip to Jakarta. Right before my feet's nightmare started.
what nightmare?
It all began with my urge of wearing new shoes to class. I thought it will be great to wear it while i'm working as a lecturer. and it'll also great if i wear it to Senayan City, have a good laugh with my girlfriend from high school. lastly, it'll also great for another meet-ups with my college friends in PVJ before i go home.
this is my original plan:
1. take point to point shuttle service from Bandung to Jakarta.
2. arrived in Jakarta, take a cab from SCBD to Senayan City.
3. my husband will pick me up in SenCi and we'll go home together.
4. going to campus by motorcycle with dad.
5. have a long day at campus. i have two classes, 5 hour each.
6. going home with dad. (FYI, my dad is a lecturer in the same campus)
7. going back to bandung.
8. have an easy ride with public transportation from pasteur-PVJ
9. waiting for my sister to pick me up and home.
with that thoughts in mind, i decided to pack lightly, with no spare shoes, and only one blouse.
and here my plan goes...
1. take point to point shuttle service from Bandung to Jakarta. --> smooth as silk

2. arrived in Jakarta, take a cab from SCBD to Senayan City. --> earthquake!!! i didn't feel it at all, but couldn't avoid the after-effect. chaos everywhere!
i did arrived in SCBD safe and sound, but couldn't find a single available taxi to senayan city. even if I did, i'm sure i'll stuck in the chaotic traffic jam. so, with google maps in hand, i walked to the glorious senayan city.
note it: walked, by foot, in 8 cm wedges which is killing my feet, for about 3 km, in the middle of chaotic main street.
i'm finally arrived tho, sore feet, almost-faint, but happy.

3. my husband will pick me up in SenCi and we'll go home together.--> suddenly, my husband got some issues in his work he couldn't pick me. while i have to go home to Depok, which is miiiiiiiiiiiiiiiles from there. fortunately my friend Kiva's husband willing to drop me to my husband's work site in Cawang. it was miles too. cannot reach it by foot this time or i'll be, seriously, dead.

4. going to campus by motorcycle with dad.

5. have a long day at campus. i have two classes, 5 hour each. --> my schedule's happen to rearranged. instead of long one day, i got two short day. and it was short notice, too late, i've already there and dandy! damn. so, i decided to take a walk home and sleep.
please notice the word 'take a walk'. yes, i tortured my feet again. the road i took is, of course, NOT heels-friendly. i almost tripped the whole time. *sigh*
FYI, jarak antara rumah dan kampus tuh cuma selemparan kolor, tapi mesti ada jalan kakinya, dan medannya off road berat. canggih deh.
first (and only) thing i did when i arrived home is sleeping, resting my feet before i took the same road for next class. oh-my-god.

6. going home with dad. in the very end. finally. *pengsan*

7. going back to bandung.--> nope, not yet. i had second class in the next day! even though i didn't take long, heels unfriendly way by foot, but i have to stand for about 5 hours in class. yet another torture. this time i really, really wanna get rid of this shoes immediately! promise myself will not wear it for a year from now on!!

8. going back to bandung. have an easy ride with public transportation from pasteur-PVJ--> surprisingly, it's so hard to find angkot in pasteur in that particular time. should i mention torture again? *nangis kenceng-kenceng*

9. waiting for my sister to pick me up and home.--> get rid of the shoes, at last.

good lesson: never leave your flats at home. i mean it.

Tuesday, September 01, 2009


THR belum keluar, tapi udah beli sepatu baru *sigh*
well, the colors, material and wedges, it's all so...me. how can i resist?
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