Wednesday, April 29, 2009

me and trees

heyho. heyho.
another visit to another library. i borrow a book now. and i really, really, really have to work on my thesis!
but updating blog is just too tempting. haha!

this is what i wear today. it's still in the same spirit with my last post, casual jeans and tee. please don't get bored..

i wear my sister's DIY bleached tee, my jeans, dangling earrings and my hi-sneakers. don't ask the brand. of course it all has no brand! hahahaha...

pardon my frown... i don't really wanna go, actually. i would be happy to stay at home and sleep. silly me.

but it's good for me to go. cos the weather is soo fine! it's sunny with soft wind and trees everywhere (in my campus), even flowers blooming!
i can't help taking pictures.

this is the main gate of my campus, from the inside angle. i don't know what flower is that, but it's hard to find flowers in public space nowadays.
the trees, the quiet environment, it all seems perfect!
the pictures below are other angle from my campus.
the sculptures at the gate of my department, the grassy field in front of the department and the pink flowers from the main gate.

Monday, April 27, 2009

a college girl

i went to campus to visit its library (the dark, dusty, smelly, spooky with no decent wifi connection i mention earlier in twitter).
i met many undergraduate student sitting and talking on many comfy spots in my campus. well, it's no secret that my campus have many comfy spot to sit and talk, hang out with our clique(we all know it's intended to study, by the way). i used to sit there for hours with my friends, and go home when the sun is almost gone. we took some pictures of us too sometimes. it was great. sooo fun!
now i miss it.
the spots still there (even more now), but my clique is gone. they're busy working and i'm busy with my thesis. i am practically alone. postgraduate program is just different. :(

and that kids, the undergraduate kids, make me all jealous.
not just their company, but also their ability to wear anything they want. when i was them, i like to wear anything extra ordinary.
in my campus, the art students tend to be different, to separate themselves from the technic and science student. that's why the art students like to wear anything 'different' so anyone can guess "it must be art student". silly i know...hahaha...

oh well, that was then. i don't know the situation now. it might have changed.

BTW, this is what i wear today (now, actually). not at all 'different' or else. i'm just normal people now. hehe.

i wear my sweater from thrifted market with DIY zebra screen print, my chain necklace and new made by order boots.
oh, i'm full of pasta and lemon tea now. and it's dark outside. i should go home now. so glad to finally updating my blog with three post in a row. see ya later!

weekend wars

no war at all, actually. i just like the song. hehe..

well, i have such a good weekend! like usual, my husband came to town, we took a two days mall-hopping and DVD watching. apparently it's our weekend ritual.

i dragged him to the garage and forced him to do some photoshoot of me. haha! actually i'd like to do more photoshoot here and there, but my husband is not a photo guy.

BTW, today is his birthday! so sad we can't be together, but we had a great weekend and it's enough for me. i just wish him a great time today!

this is him with his peace signature and his favorite tee from his favorite band, belle and sebastian:

and this is me with my studded pants, DIY necklace and messy hair. i need grooming!

day two. dressed like a teenager. haha!

final/personal project part 2

this is the second part of my post final/personal project. after behind the 'scene' pictures, here comes the 'scene'!

i made it as an attempt to use pleather's waste material.
we know, pleather (plastic leather) is everywhere these days. from our shoes to our jacket (at least my jacket..hehe). and their production process, for sure, also produce waste.
since it's not organic material, it can't be recycled by natural process. and the increasing of this type of waste have a potential to damage the environment.
that's why i attempt to do something to recycle the waste and turn them into somethig useful.
there's many ways to do that, but i choose the most interesting thing (for me), accessories and jewelry!

my first attempt is these necklaces:

the last necklace is my personal favorite! i wear it often..hehehe...

Thursday, April 23, 2009

oh, God...

with my thrifty blouse from years ago.

i should really work on my thesis, everyone. i've abandoned it for too long. sigh. God help mee. please.

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Final/personal project

Hello, dear! How's life treating you lately? I hope you well and have nice days!

Me? I'm having great time locked myself in my 'studio' aka guest-bedroom-going-messy. Basically I made something for final project, but I made something that meet my personal obsession. Hehe..

More statement necklace to come!!

This time I put more effort on it to make it look professional and sell-able.

Oh more effort is killing me! It took a long time to finish one item. Now I know why they sell statement necklace in high price. Haha!

Behind the scene pictures


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Friday, April 17, 2009

hippie happy

i used to be a free-spirited girl when it comes to clothing. I wore what I want, ignore what people think as long as I'm comfortable with myself. but then I realize everything's different once I get married. I should behave better in every way, including dress up. and frankly, everything i wear in this blog is not the way my husband have in mind! haha! sorry dear, it keep me sane while you're away....

for now, i'm happy with it. maybe i'll try to dress more lady-like someday...

up with today's story!
take a walk to the market by myself under the shiny sun. this is what i wear today:

this blouse come from nowhere and i decided to wear it on my lazy-casual day. the weather is so warm and some midriff top will quite appropriate (at least for shameless girl like me..hehe). and i wear this pants again! it's not so tight now. am I getting thinner??! (ngarep) hahaha....

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

gang bang

this is our 'gang'.
*malu sebenernya tua-tua masih nge-gang. iiihhhhh....... hehehehehe...*

even though we don't look like *very* smart people, we're actually met and grouped by a scholarship. now we're all graduated but still in touch with each other.
this photo was taken on Friday. we had lunch, karaoke and dinner. fun, fun, fun!

this is some photos of us girls under the dim light:

Vella with her new hair. everybody said she looks like chibi maruko chan. hihihi...
hey Vella, your studded cardigan/top is my all-time favorite!
kapaaann kita ke Gedebage lagiiihhh???

well, it's me with my pink top/dress i designed for Every/master assignment a while ago. along with my new leather jacket (i told you i'll wear it very often!) and my DIY necklace.

some photos inside the karaoke room: (we sang, but camera is more appealing..hahaha)

look at me! i have big head! hohohohoho...


sumpah bukan kader partai! hohoho....

bought this jacket few years ago, never had a chance to wear it. one day i found it among a sea of clothes, and decided to give it a chance.
sayangnya gw memakainya di kesempatan yang salah. sepanjang jalan gw diliatin orang yang mikir: "lagi minggu tenang gini kok partai ****ar masih kampanye ya?"


Tuesday, April 07, 2009

(p)leather jacket!

my leather jacket has arrived! woww i'm so excited! thanks to missgricia for sending me this great jacket! i know i'll wear it very often. haha!

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girl's day out!

cool saturday!
after some while, i finally meet my girls again! it's karaoke-meal-dessert-gossip-giggling time! :p
here is what i wore. look familiar? of course! i've post it before with different ensemble. i just don't find the perfect time to actually wear it, till now.

say hi to my pretty friends! they both were my high school mates. not only classmates, we're desk-mates! (Kiva was my desk mate when i"m on second grade, and Icha was my desk-mate when i'm on third grade) we were always together in high school. now we've grown up, walking on our different path, but we're still close friends!

this is Icha. remember my blackberry-poisoned friend? haha! yep, this is her. we're always sharing everything and even though we're living in different town, we talk a lot.
she said she looks like a hobbit here. haha! but i think she looks as gorgeous as she always be! and she's wearing grayy! my favorite color of the moment! *toast!*

meet Kiva. she's on her way to marriage! yayy! we (me and icha) are so excited to welcome her to the housewife club! haha! congratulations, dear! semoga semuanya lancar, amiiinn....
well, don't be fooled by her incredibly pretty face. she's hardly behaved! haha... that's what i love about her the most...hehehehe....

after all, we were having so much fun with endless talk. ahhh, if only we could do it more often, girls...

Wednesday, April 01, 2009

Ode to little miss crafty

I was struck by the crafty bolt yesterday, and I bought anything I need to satisfy my craving hands. Including this little studs I've been wanting for months.

As soon as I got home, I let my fingers dance and voila! Here comes the studded pants and cardi along with two handcraft necklaces.

You may notice this necklace as the necklace from previous post. It's finally finished with a little addition here and there. Well, I'm glad with the result, injured-finger worthy. Haha! (And my thumbs still hurt now)

Oh well, this necklace comes from the urge of statement necklace. I am too cheap to buy this kind of necklace so I decided to made one instead. It's not perfect but I love it. And it cost me waaaaaay below market price. That's the point! Haha! (OMG!)
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