Tuesday, June 30, 2009

baby booties

"i'm starting with the (wo)man in the mirror"

i fell in love with this boots at first sight. but unfortunately they ran out of my size so i had to wait for 2 weeks while they made my shoes. and it finally here now!

i purchased this from Galdy, one of the cheap shoe-maker in town. i never been a fan of this company. they're mostly produce uncomfortable flat shoes. but they do good with this boots. it has moderately-pointy toes, good material, with padded inner body and sole. it was worth the price. and i'm happy!now i need some heeled shoes. *duh!*

the booties

Friday, June 26, 2009

what time is it?

"hello, little watch. now you're perched on my arm.ho ho ho."

ah zebra print. i'm such a sucker for you.
errr, it might not a zebra print, it could be a scratch from brushes. whatever. all i can say is i love it.
they still have few choices there on katallog. if you haven't visit it, please do.

image courtesy of katallog

ps ps ps
today, i heard the news that the king of pop, my childhood hero (i've listening to his songs since i was a little kid), died. i'm so saaaaadddd...
i spend the day talking about him with my friend, watching every news about him on TV, listening to his songs, and watching his videos on youtube.
when i search for his songs on youtube, i recall his songs often has deep meaning. his concern about hunger, racism, earth, AIDS, and that make me sadder. i even cry right now listening to will you be there.
may you rest in peace, Michael. i'll be forever your fan.

Michael jackson 1958-2009
image from here

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

subtle and bright

i just did some cleaning on my dressing table. i threw the expired stuffs, and made space for new one. hohoho.. then i found some eye shadows and pigments i never used. i realized i left my face bare for too long. so today i decided to wear some make up, especially to use some eye shadow i rarely wear. and the surprising fact is, it consisted of natural chocolate-y shade! the most subtle colors, and i seldom wear it! oh well...
so i put my bronze e/s, tan pigment (both from MAC) and the dark brown side of L'oreal HIP.
i don't hate the result, nor love it. it's just OK. i miss my teal pigment already. hahaha...
after the subtle make up, let's spice it a bit with bright color!

Friday, June 19, 2009

being productive is hard...

closet talk

i don't know what's gotten into me yesterday, but i feel like getting my closet re-organized. this closet is where i put my precious stash: clothes, bags and accessories. see, they're not much, but gathering them in one place give me satisfaction.
previously, my bedroom was such a mess. necklaces and clothes hanging here and there, a stack of semi-clean clothes in my dressing table seat, dozen pair of shoes scattered around, and few huge bags all over the floor. you can tell that i'm not a neat person. *shy*
but i'm tired to live like that! finally i decided to re-organize my closet and give space for everything i own. it turned out fun!
btw i think i need another hanger to separate necklaces and belts. it's too crowded there, don't you think?
and i still have no clue how to organized the shawls and scarves. i hang it with my clothes but apparently it's ineffective. in the end i just fold and pile them up. any other suggestion?

oh weekend

if you have a big question mark inside your head, we did this photoshoot for no reason but fun sake!
i'm trying lady gaga-ism. not even close without the platinum blonde hair, i know. i'm an asian gaga. hahahaha....*maksa deh ah*
yah, ngga lady gaga, sarden gaga aja deh gwa...:D

btw, this is one way you can go with the krey shawl. love it bangets!
my friends ask me if i bought all the item i wore that day for this photoshoot particularly. i have to emphasize the fact that i had them before this planned. they don't easily believed someone actually wore latex legging to hang out. and they found krey shawl weird, especially with such bright color. oh, please. and the top is my aerobic top from years ago, nothing special about it. except the bold shoulder i made from plugging vella's shawl and aswin's sweaty towel (ew). ahaha... kreatip kan ayeeee...

after the photoshoot we went to karaoke parlor (acara super wajib), then headed to (apparently) the most happening place in Bandung, the nanny's pavillion. it was packed! we were far from got seated and our tummy was furious, so we decided to change our direction to the foodcourt besides, called black market. not bad. i had grilled ribs with soy sauce and pempek afterward. porsi kuli. and i met some of my college friends Rhilly, Runi and Riri (semuanya berawalan R ya bo?) also high school friend Shita there. bandung is so small, you can tell.
after the big treat for our tummy, we moved to the coffee beans. i had my favorite green tea latte and we were stay there all night laughing to each other and taking photos.

great night, especially when you don't have to spend much money. haha..
thanks Danar, Aswin and Rian for your treats!

Friday, June 12, 2009

brighten up my days

yay to new shawl!
it's nothing else than cotton.ink. i guess i'm addicted! hahaha...
oh btw, this is from their summerlight collection. they're bright=great!

and this is my first krey shawl. i'm in love! it's not just a shawl, you can wear it in thousand ways! ok i'm bragging here, haha, but it's too cool!

Wednesday, June 03, 2009

simple jeans and tee is almost everyone staple, including me. this 'uniform' is the safest thing to wear to campus. it's boring, but safe.
i wear anything to campus and apparently some people find it inappropriate (=overdressed). not that i care. however overdressed is sometimes better than underdressed, right? right?

but i don't feel like getting overdressed now. i stick to my staple, tee and jeans. at least i still have this interesting animal print scarf. :)

tiger print

like i promise weeks ago, i'll polluted your eyes with some tiger print! ha!
i actually like this blouse, besides the uproar print, it also came with the silky fabric, right fit and shoulder pads.
usually, i will throw the shoulder pads away very immediately. but we all know shoulder pads is 'in' again, right? anyway it doesn't make me look like rugby player, so i'm gonna let it stick this time.
and hey, check out the backside! i like deep back line, but i always fail to wear that, for these reasons:
a. my back is not really presentable, thanks to acne scars. (what you see is the best my back can be. blame it on photoshop. :p)
b. gampang masuk angin (nah, apa bahasa inggrisnya? XD) the problem is, my back is the weakest part of my body. when the wind hit it, i'm sick easily. and FYI, i feel my throat a bit sore right now, right after i wear that blouse. ha!

but however i still wanna give this blouse a try again someday..

today's soundtrack: adele-right as rain
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