Tuesday, September 15, 2009

retail therapy in grey

the shopping season is here!! yay! haha. this is what i purchased in the shopping day with hubby.

1. GAP jacket, purchased it on Grande, some factory outlet in Bandung. cute, comfy jacket for everyday use.
2. Birdie belt, from Royal Queen, a small boutique owned by our friend in Jl. Ternate Bandung. i always fall for waist belt, plus it has black and gold ensemble. double love!
3. Zippered shirt, from EST. it's no secret that i'm craving for some zipper.
4. Grey dress, from happy-go-lucky. it's my first visit to happy-go-lucky, a small and cute boutique at Jl. Ciliwung 14 Bandung. i'm impressed with their products, can't help to buy this unique-shaped dress. simple and so me. :D

when i got home, just realized i bought all-grey ensemble. this is totally unintentional.
to make it worse (or just to match it), i also bought this cotton.ink legging in dark grey. aha!

source: cotton.ink

happy, happy, happy!

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