Thursday, October 08, 2009

Different days

Dear fellow bloggers,
I feel like a sinner, abandoned my own blog for too long. :(

I'm not gonna say I'm too busy this time, since I'm not. In fact, I have a whole lotta time for myself, but with condition.

I'm 8 weeks pregnant now! Yay!
It explains everything, aight? In my first trimester of pregnancy, I feel anything preggie moms do. Nausea, lightheaded, weakness, I can't even open my laptop to write single line here.
Now everything seems different. From the way I live to the way I look. With my baby growth, my body also growing bigger. No more skinny and high waist jeans for me. Picking the right clothes is a challenge, since I've never been this big before.

I promise I'll make a post about pre-natal clothing next time. Even though I'll look so big and gross, after all it's only nine months, I have to cherish it! :D

Til next time, fellas!

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Myria Rafiz said...

congratz dearr for the pregnancyy! :D

A N A S T A S Y A said...

OOHHHH CONGRATZ DEAR...kiss to you and your baby to come.

meity said...

wah slamat ya :D
seneng de dengernya.hihi

meity said...

aw..slamat yag!:D
miss ur pic&words.

anggi said...

dear all, THANK YOUUU!!! *kissous*
I'm so exciiited! :)

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