Tuesday, October 27, 2009

This post will contain no picture (again), because.. I'm just plain lazy. I did zero productive things in past 4 weeks. Be it my major responsibility or hobby, and this blog is one of those abandoned things.
I give myself a whole month off. from my work and thesis, but I didn't have plan to give up the blog. In fact, I planned to make one more blog, some pregnancy and baby blog. But that isn't happen yet, even after my 10th weeks pregnancy. I'm sooo failed. :(

Well, maybe pregnancy and laptop just isn't like each other. I only open my laptop to play some games or watching dvd, in my most 'fresh' time. And those 'fresh' time is somewhat rare. Haha.
What I do these days is just.. Well, sleep much, eat much, counting my daily intake of nutrition and supplement. Other than that might just watching TV, some DVDs, and tweeting (ini penting!). Haha!
But I still going out with hubby every weekend, the only time I actually go out.

After two and a half months, I can feel (and see) myself bloated. I can't wear my jeans anymore, especially the high-waist one, because, apparently, I have no waist. But I have boobs! Hehehehe..
With this new body shape, I have no much clothing choice. I realized now I have so small clothing cycle. Blouse+legging, dress+jacket, blouse+pants, and flats! Plus, I avoid fitted tee and my favorite waist belt (and waist everything! Sigh).
However, being preggy doesn't necessarily mean you can't look good. We can still playing with accessories like necklace, shawl, bracelet, bag, earrings, etc!
The only challenge for me is just how to look good and fresh without spending a penny. Being preggy is money-spender enough. So I have to think harder of how to make anything in my closet work.

Ok, maybe it's time for me to diggin' my closet! I'll report any development soon! Hehehehe..

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