Monday, November 02, 2009

hello, little bumps!

first appearance after being a preggy mommy! :D

this pants is my favorite of the moment.
for sure, because this is the ONLY pants i can wear right now. kenapaa? tentunya karena cuma ini satu2nya celana yang muat ya bok! *napsu*
it has an elastic band on it, so it can handle my enormous hips, while others fail.

aand look at my belly! it's getting bigger! (OK, not only belly, I AM getting bigger. d'uh!)
those photos were taken on my 10th week of pregnancy. maybe the baby bumps hasn't really show up yet, but soon it will! *grin*
secondhand blouse vintage necklace unbranded pants ruby shoes every bag


kenyo said...


Aney, said...

Cutee, love the little black purse!

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