Tuesday, January 12, 2010

the chronicle of maternity jeans

i love wearing jeans, i could die without it. you can imagine how it hurts when i have to facing the truth that i can't wear my jeans anymore. with that fact, getting maternity jeans is my only option. sadly, getting them is not as easy as flipping hands. it should be well-fitting, good looking, hold my bumps and above all, comfortable.
that was my lucky day when i found this zara maternity jeans on sale booth in riau junction. there's no zara in Bandung, so i'm a bit overwhelmed when i found it. especially when they give 50% off the already discounted price!
this is a good maternity jeans. the stretch jersey hugging my bumps, hold the jeans which is nicely wrapped my butt. and the best part is i can still wearing size M! woo-hoo! (though in fact it was a huge version of size M, haha!)

see? M! LOL

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