Wednesday, January 13, 2010

bronzer trial + FOTD

like i said previously, i was really a bronzer virgin..till now. soon after i received my first bronzer ever, i try it on my face after some youtube tutorial.
i used stila sun spf 15 bronzing powder #2. it's matte, so it's safe to be used as all-over color. disco ball worry free! the color is buildable, depend on how tan would you want to be. me personally used it (mostly) as contouring color, to give dimension to my face.

for this look, i apply foundation (in this case i used bb cream) which is one step lighter than my skin color. it always make me look ghostly, that's why i need bronzer.

first, i apply bronzer in green area, which is contouring area. i found it by making 'fish look', suck my cheeks as much as i need to see the hollow below my cheeks. i did it several times till i achieve the right color depth. then i blend (with little color on my brush) the bronzer in blue area. as you can see, i made the big W on my face. from the temple, down to jawline, up to the nose. i add more color right below my apple of the cheeks and blend it thoroughly, make natural big W. i also dust some bronzer lightly in purple area.

in this look, i didn't only use bronzer, but also blush and highlighter. i wore my blush on the apple of the cheek to the temple and blend it with previous bronzer. then i applied highlighter on T-zone and my cheekbone. i used soft bronzer from Everyday minerals as my highllighter. true to the name, it really is soft, almost unnoticeable but i can see the difference.
voila! not too bad for first timer, aight? *big grin*

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Anna Jane said...

I absolutely love how you've done your eyeshadow, very professional.

I always swear by bronzer - I have a very peaky complexion so bronzer always helps to achieve that healthy glowy look. :)

- Anna Jane xxx

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