Sunday, May 24, 2009

Crop thought

The crop top has lost its grace since 1990s passed. After that, it was left behind where people don't wanna look back. Until now.

At the end of 2000s, crop top seems like awaken from its long sleep. Some designers brought it back to runway as they featured it on their collections along with street style muses. Soon, the crop top become considerable again.

I don't really surprised for its comeback. Everything 80's and 90's is on the top nowadays (for too long). From the basic leggings, grungy outfit to the shoulder pads. And if the shoulder pads can spring, why don't crop tops?

Personally, I don't like the crop top trend when it hit 90s. The image of spears and aguilera in it with their pierced belly button just left me blah. Unfortunately I don't really 'live' in 80s so I can't be a witness of how crop top worn by then. But as far as I concern, it was far more interesting. Well, I've been a fan of 80s clothes for a long time, sometimes people mistaken me for a girl lost from the time machine :p but I haven't really try this crop top thing. Maybe I still haunted by 90's star belly button and I really really don't wanna see anyone belly button nor to show mine.

Somehow the 09 crop top trend distracted me. I found it better to be worn with high-waist pants/skirts, another retro thing. Or maybe for an outerwear with body-con dresses. I guess it has many possibilities to wear with. I'm sure I'm gonna give it a try.

But of course, not everyone find it interesting. How about you? Are you interested to try this on or do you wish it will be dead (again) soon? :)

Ps: I don't have a flat tummy. I might be screwed in it.. Hahahaha...

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