Tuesday, May 26, 2009

it's absolute essential crop top!:8 ways to wear it

i just purchased the crop top from cotton.ink's new collection: absolute essential. just like the name, it's absolutely essential! i really think it's something everyone should own in their closet for its versatility. they also came with the cutest pocket and pin!
at the first glance, i thought it will be tricky to wear. but after a few experiment, i just realize that this is actually the most essential thing ever.
now i'm gonna show you how my experiment went!

experiment 1
i never want to show my belly off, so hipster pants is out of the options. i wear the high waist one instead. and this pants is just perfect for the eighties vibe.

experiment 2
still in the high-waist field, but now i tuck the top into the pants. FYI this crop top has the perfect length, not too short, nor too long it still considered as a crop top.

experiment 3
err...it's not really another experiment since i just add a blazer and shawl (also from cottonink). but i wanna tell you i really love the color of this blazer. i don't know why, i always drawn into this lime-greenish color recently. it might be my new favorite color. lime green is the new grey. yay to colors!

experiment 4
clashing pattern. and the touch of green.

experiment 5
wow another lime green! but actually, this is an experiment of crop top over dress. the belt accentuate my waist, make me look slimmer. love it. haha!

experiment 6
ok now, this is something that gonna give my hubby heart-attack, LOL, but i actually like it. the turban is made from tubular convertible shawl, and i did some knot to the crop top. flashing my tummy just a bit, still tolerable..hehe..

experiment 7
the turban still there, now along with harem pants.

experiment 8
here's the proof that the crops not only good for casual day but also for working time (at least for creative worker). i'm so gonna try this if i were working. but i'm not. now i miss my office.. sigh.

after those experiment, i can imagine plenty other ways to wear it. but eight is enough, i guess. being a stylist, a photographer also a model all at once is really tiring. and i don't want you get nausea for staring at me too long! ahaha...
now, are you interested to give this crop thing a try?


cotton.ink said...

Thanks love!

shizuoka said...

way to go anggi! love it all...

Anonymous said...

really nice ensemble..u r the cool wife thou..;p

Emma Victoria said...

wow I'm a blogger too, just writing a post on crop tops because I'm stuck for what to wear with them.

I can't believe this post is a year old! Wow, you're a year ahead of new trends!

Love the post, now I'm inspired

x x x


Alannah said...

I love your style. :)
Btw, where did you find those cute harem pants?

anggi said...

this is old yet the most popular post. thanks for visiting!
and thanks for the compliments, you make my day! :) :) :)

alannah, the harem pants is from H&M. it's old though, i wear it for sleep now. tee hee.

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