Friday, July 03, 2009

short trip to Rajapolah

about a week ago, me and husband went to Rajapolah, Tasikmalaya, West Java. this place famously known as the center of wickerwork. i went there after my lecturer's suggestion for my thesis, but the trip end up quite fun, it was like a full-day date. tee hee..

frankly, it's my first trip to rajapolah. i don't even aware of their existence before. that was sad. rajapolah seems pretty slack when i was there. only a few costumer in several shops, and none in others. maybe i went in the off season, or maybe this thing happen on all seasons. i don't know. however, for Rajapolah first-time-er, i'm quite impressed with their product. they're range from so-so to best, quality wise. although you can always find the same one on the souvenir's shops near you, but this is like souvenir heaven. of course it's way cheaper than any souvenir's
shop anywhere. and you can still bargaining.

there are many things attracted my eyes (mostly home accesories) but to remember we don't have space to put them, we didn't buy as much as we want. btw i was too absorbed in shopping around so i didn't take any close-up photos of their products. but here is a few busier (yet still look quite) shops there.

Bandung-Rajapolah took about 3 hours trip. the road is twisting and there are many no-helmet motorcycle rider riding their bike in full speed. that was frightening! but however, the scenery around could make me calmer. for a city girl like me, farm and mountain is a wow-factor. hohoho.

"oh, wow!"

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