Friday, July 24, 2009

jakarta trip day 1

As promised, here is some photos of our Jakarta trip! :D

"welcome to capital city, Jakarta"

The first thing we did when we arrived to jakarta is going to his project office. He had to do something related to work, and I was tagging along with him. It’s my first visit, and I’m quite impressed with the way they work. It seems complicated. Indeed it is.

"his project office"

The weather was frickin’ hot, and we’re hungry. So he took me to the place near the project office where he used to eat daily. Despite of the place, the food is pretty good! Big treat for our tummy!
After that, we headed to Plaza Senayan. Lancome held an event to promote their latest product, oscillation mascara, and they give an offer to Fashionese Daily member to get a free makeover and goodie bag. Since I didn’t get the chance for their makeover, I tried the goodie bag purchasement. It only required a password from FD, and voila, Lancome goodie bag for me! I also tried their new mascara which make me fall in love at first application. It gave extra oomph to my lashes with no extra effort. The only downfall of this product is, of course, the price. Oh well, a mascara worth the price of three (cheap) shoes? No, thank you.

We spent the day mall-hopping, from PS to Senayan City to Grand Indonesia.
In Grand Indonesia, we met my college buddies. It’s been too long since the last time I met them, and they still the same (tetep doyan maen DDR, tetep heboh, tetep ga tau malu dan tetep lacur. Wakakakak). From their outfit you can guess where they’re from. Yes, they were fresh from the wedding. If I could, I would go to the wedding too, but in this circumstances, Fifi, I can only give you my best wishes! J
Ok, wedding outfit+dance dance revolution game= no match. But they did it anyway. LOL

We call it a day after a medium treat of burger king. No burger king in Bandung, so it’s special to me. Ah, we didn’t forget taking picture, by the way. Tee hee.

By the end of the day, we were taking home two sunglasses from Topshop and Forever 21. We also had a chance to try Tutti Frutti the frozen Yogurt.
Ah, nice (and tiring)

"night at the city"

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