Wednesday, July 15, 2009

weekend wonders

Hello fellow bloggers! Ah, it’s been ages after my last post (berlebay). I have LOTS of stories to tell, with NO pictures at all. But however, I still gonna tell you my stories…
It’s not the most important thing in the world, but it’s good to share! :D

My weekend started on Friday by having a girl’s night out with my friend Icha. We had karaoke (our theme: Tribute to MJ. :D) and dinner at the Tree House, one of the new spot in town. It said that sausage is their specialty so I ordered their grilled bratwurst. I’m not much a processed-meat lover/observer, so if you ask me if it’s any good, I’d say yes. I might order it again next time. But I loove their rum raisin milkshake. Though it can’t beat banana mocha by Mocha Blend which I had last Wednesday.

"the big mocha treat"

On Saturday, me and husband did our usual Saturday night ritual, mall-hopping. Hohoho. Not too exciting, though. We had Lomie for brunch, then Sundanese food for dinner. Yummeee…

We attended our high school friend’s wedding on Sunday. I wore my new shoes, dramatic silvery-dark grey make up and my black vintage dress. But uh-oh, I look over the top! Even one of my friend only wearing blouse, jeans and flats! What an irony. I’m glad I didn’t wear kebaya and hair bun or I might mistaken as the bride.
Ok. That was too exaggerated. LOL
We ended the night with CSI supreme Sunday on AXN with breadtalk in hand (and mouth). Ah, last day of weekend.

Yesterday, I just got the news from Fashionesedaily that I am one of the MAC-FD contest winner! I’m sooooo excited. I got free ticket to attend MAC intimate with Gregory Arlt plus IDR 250k voucher for MAC products! Since I’m such a MAC virgin, well not so virgin but I don’t have much experience (no MAC store in Bandung, helloo..), I learned to pick what will I purchase with that voucher. I even consulted with MAC guru from Far East aka my friend Kiva. :D
I’ve never win anything before so you can tell how excited I am! Oh yayy!! *norak2 bergembira*


Anonymous said...


bagi2 ilmu nekkkk!!!

Bintang said...

hi there,

i am blogwalking here

i saw your blog and it's kinda fun life that you have.
*pssssttt i do love shopping and shoes too,, oh woman,hihihihi

nice share,


Stain On My Red Shoes said...

hi fellow FDer!!!!! congrats on your win!

are you coming to the FD big gathering?

anggi said...

@chita, yah kaga jadi gw bagi2 ilmunya neeikkk... *manyun*

@bintang, halooo! haha, yang gw tulis disini yang bikin senang2 aja neik, berbagi kebahagiaan.. aslinya hidupku pretty boring. :p
oh ya ya, kalo cewe ga doyan shopping rasanya kaya ada yang kurang yaaa... *pembenaran* buahahaha...

@dhyta, haiiiii! yah, acaranya kaga jadi mak, padahal gw udah hepi2 tralala.
tapi gw akan datang ke gathering! whoa, can't wait! gw belom pernah ketemuan sama sebiji anak FDpun. eyh, pernah ding, si tje2p! tapi itu juga cuma bentar banget dan ga sempet ngobrol karena ga enak mau ngobrol di depan bos ai. hehehehe...
jadi sekarang gw sedang buka thread FDers meet up, agar dapat mengenali satu-satu para Fders... hohohoho... :D

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