Thursday, December 17, 2009

brushes talk

i'm not an expert in make up, i just love it. but i don't love it enough to splurge more than i should (as always..buahaha). that's why i don't really have the urge to show you my beauty supply, in this case, brushes. because, i'm not so proud of it. i tend to buy dirt cheap brushes (especially for eyes) with unknown quality. if it's good enough for me, i'll use it regularly. and if it's crap, i'll buy a new one. that simple, really.
but dewdew, an fd member, inspired me to do this. yes, it's for you! hahaha. she said good brush is a key to good make up. totally agree! yet i'm not really sure i've used good brush. yes, they're work well for me, but i don't know if they're really good.

ah, however, these are my brushes:
(from left)
1. some dirt cheap brushes i bought in some beauty store. it only cost me idr 5000. it has double ended. before i bought eyeliner brushes, i used the below end to wear my eyeliner, but it's not good enough. while the other end is my favorite crease and outer lid brush. thanks to the (almost) triangle shape!
2. pupa eyeliner brush. just bought it and in love with it. it's so sharp to make a thin line and you can still make a thick line with it. love love love! forget the other end, it looks like bottle brush to me. wehehehehe.
3. e.l.f blending brush. just arrived yesterday, haven't got a chance to actually use it. but the bristle is so soft, i hope it could do wonder.

4. e.l.f eyeshadow brush. got this after the excellent review. love it! before the blending brush arrival, i used this to blend my eyeshadow. it's soft and dense, so comfy!lately i realize, it's good to pick up color, especially for lid area where you don't need precision.

5. angled brush. my first angled brush, and the best. it pick enough color for my lower lash line. 6. well, i'm not really sure what kind of brush this is. it look like lip brushes, but i find it too small for lips, especially for wide lips like mine. haha. so i use it to wear some e/s or pigment on my waterline. it's so small and sharp, with soft bristles. so far, it works fine for me.

7. eyeliner brush. haven't really try it. still in love with pupa eyeliner brush. hohohoho.

8. it's the least quality brush. rough bristles, cannot pick enough color. but it works fine for wet application. i always foiling my pigment with glycerine and use it as a base. my eyeshadow stays all day!
(from left)
9. it's crappy. never used it.
10. concealer brush. it only works fine for powder concealer. i should get better brush for cream concealer.

11. everyday minerals flat top brush. my most precious brush among all. haha. it works wonder. no need to explain.

12. coastal scents skunk brush. not so good dupe of MAC 187. it's uber soft, but it shed like crazy! i don't really use it anyway.

13. pupa blush brush. new brush i use regularly! it only cost me idr 14000 but it's surprisingly soft! since i've had two pupa brushes and love them both, i wondering, pupa ini merk apa ya? merk darimana? kali aja emang good quality semua barang2nya..hmmm...

well, that's all my humble experience with brushes. whatever the brush is, you need it! never count on the applicator you got from your products! *grin*

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dewdew said...

Aiisssh....maaak....gue keknya napsir sama pupa brush itu. Mahmud mane sih mak?

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