Friday, July 24, 2009

jakarta trip day 1

As promised, here is some photos of our Jakarta trip! :D

"welcome to capital city, Jakarta"

The first thing we did when we arrived to jakarta is going to his project office. He had to do something related to work, and I was tagging along with him. It’s my first visit, and I’m quite impressed with the way they work. It seems complicated. Indeed it is.

"his project office"

The weather was frickin’ hot, and we’re hungry. So he took me to the place near the project office where he used to eat daily. Despite of the place, the food is pretty good! Big treat for our tummy!
After that, we headed to Plaza Senayan. Lancome held an event to promote their latest product, oscillation mascara, and they give an offer to Fashionese Daily member to get a free makeover and goodie bag. Since I didn’t get the chance for their makeover, I tried the goodie bag purchasement. It only required a password from FD, and voila, Lancome goodie bag for me! I also tried their new mascara which make me fall in love at first application. It gave extra oomph to my lashes with no extra effort. The only downfall of this product is, of course, the price. Oh well, a mascara worth the price of three (cheap) shoes? No, thank you.

We spent the day mall-hopping, from PS to Senayan City to Grand Indonesia.
In Grand Indonesia, we met my college buddies. It’s been too long since the last time I met them, and they still the same (tetep doyan maen DDR, tetep heboh, tetep ga tau malu dan tetep lacur. Wakakakak). From their outfit you can guess where they’re from. Yes, they were fresh from the wedding. If I could, I would go to the wedding too, but in this circumstances, Fifi, I can only give you my best wishes! J
Ok, wedding outfit+dance dance revolution game= no match. But they did it anyway. LOL

We call it a day after a medium treat of burger king. No burger king in Bandung, so it’s special to me. Ah, we didn’t forget taking picture, by the way. Tee hee.

By the end of the day, we were taking home two sunglasses from Topshop and Forever 21. We also had a chance to try Tutti Frutti the frozen Yogurt.
Ah, nice (and tiring)

"night at the city"

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

jakarta trip

helloo! :)
this time i have soooo many pictures but i don't have time to post it.
i'm on my parents' house in Depok now. i spent this past two days in Jakarta with my hubby, did none other than mall-hopping! :D
though Jakarta is only few miles away and it's not really tourist-destination, i still took some picture for our trips's scrapbook. i even dragged my man to some quieter spots, only to take some pictures of me head-to-toe. wakakaka...
foto2 menyusul yyaa...

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

weekend wonders

Hello fellow bloggers! Ah, it’s been ages after my last post (berlebay). I have LOTS of stories to tell, with NO pictures at all. But however, I still gonna tell you my stories…
It’s not the most important thing in the world, but it’s good to share! :D

My weekend started on Friday by having a girl’s night out with my friend Icha. We had karaoke (our theme: Tribute to MJ. :D) and dinner at the Tree House, one of the new spot in town. It said that sausage is their specialty so I ordered their grilled bratwurst. I’m not much a processed-meat lover/observer, so if you ask me if it’s any good, I’d say yes. I might order it again next time. But I loove their rum raisin milkshake. Though it can’t beat banana mocha by Mocha Blend which I had last Wednesday.

"the big mocha treat"

On Saturday, me and husband did our usual Saturday night ritual, mall-hopping. Hohoho. Not too exciting, though. We had Lomie for brunch, then Sundanese food for dinner. Yummeee…

We attended our high school friend’s wedding on Sunday. I wore my new shoes, dramatic silvery-dark grey make up and my black vintage dress. But uh-oh, I look over the top! Even one of my friend only wearing blouse, jeans and flats! What an irony. I’m glad I didn’t wear kebaya and hair bun or I might mistaken as the bride.
Ok. That was too exaggerated. LOL
We ended the night with CSI supreme Sunday on AXN with breadtalk in hand (and mouth). Ah, last day of weekend.

Yesterday, I just got the news from Fashionesedaily that I am one of the MAC-FD contest winner! I’m sooooo excited. I got free ticket to attend MAC intimate with Gregory Arlt plus IDR 250k voucher for MAC products! Since I’m such a MAC virgin, well not so virgin but I don’t have much experience (no MAC store in Bandung, helloo..), I learned to pick what will I purchase with that voucher. I even consulted with MAC guru from Far East aka my friend Kiva. :D
I’ve never win anything before so you can tell how excited I am! Oh yayy!! *norak2 bergembira*

Thursday, July 09, 2009

new way to kick

what can make a girl happy? new shoes, undeniably.
i wasn't intended to buy new shoes, considering the new shoes i just got more than a week ago and i'm not much a shopper.
but charles & keith held a sale for about a month now and they also have further price reduction for some stuffs. this shoes is included with the 60% off the original price. i bet it was old stock, and this was the last pair they got, with my size!
i love everything about it. the suede material, the colors, the heel height, and of course the price! (eventhough i didn't really buy it. my hubby did. :p)
i know it's not the 'trendy' shoes, but for something i didn't wear much, i'm good with classic style. a girl could never had too much pump shoe (and shoes in general.hohoho).
thanks C&K for cutting the price so my hubby would let himself buy me this lovely shoes. :D

Monday, July 06, 2009

in his shoes

Speaking of shoe addiction, we gotta count my husband in. Truth to be told, he was more expert than me in collecting shoes. He’s been a shoe addict since junior high and never retired since. But after massive weight gain and loss, he has to let several collection go. Now his shoes amount has been reduced, but the passion’s still alive.
However, the same passion isn’t equal with the same condition. When he was a single guy, he could spent his last dime for shoes, with no further thought. Now that he have me to taken care of, he got waaaay more things to considered before he buy a pair of shoes. *poor thing* So, he buried his interest of shoes deep inside his heart and gradually lose his addiction.
But something tickled his mind when he saw this shoes. He was hesitated at first, since the shop mostly featured women’s shoes. But he took the risk and ordered a custom-made shoes in his size. Oh, FYI, he purchased it on Galdy, the same shoe maker who made my earlier boots. It was our first try, and we had no high expectation. Surprisingly, the shoes fit him well and comfy enough! It’s pretty fair to be casual Sunday shoe. He was so happy to get new shoes with nothing-to-worry price.

"buat jalan2 sore bersama istri tertjinta"

Then he told me he want some more shoes in different colors and shapes.
Tee hee.
The shoe addict is baaacckk!

Friday, July 03, 2009

short trip to Rajapolah

about a week ago, me and husband went to Rajapolah, Tasikmalaya, West Java. this place famously known as the center of wickerwork. i went there after my lecturer's suggestion for my thesis, but the trip end up quite fun, it was like a full-day date. tee hee..

frankly, it's my first trip to rajapolah. i don't even aware of their existence before. that was sad. rajapolah seems pretty slack when i was there. only a few costumer in several shops, and none in others. maybe i went in the off season, or maybe this thing happen on all seasons. i don't know. however, for Rajapolah first-time-er, i'm quite impressed with their product. they're range from so-so to best, quality wise. although you can always find the same one on the souvenir's shops near you, but this is like souvenir heaven. of course it's way cheaper than any souvenir's
shop anywhere. and you can still bargaining.

there are many things attracted my eyes (mostly home accesories) but to remember we don't have space to put them, we didn't buy as much as we want. btw i was too absorbed in shopping around so i didn't take any close-up photos of their products. but here is a few busier (yet still look quite) shops there.

Bandung-Rajapolah took about 3 hours trip. the road is twisting and there are many no-helmet motorcycle rider riding their bike in full speed. that was frightening! but however, the scenery around could make me calmer. for a city girl like me, farm and mountain is a wow-factor. hohoho.

"oh, wow!"

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