Tuesday, January 05, 2010

muji cleansing oil wonders

although i've noticed this new form of cleanser for years, i just got a chance to try this a while ago. and i'm hooked!
at first i was a bit skeptical, oil to remove oil, is that possible? but good raves everywhere somehow tickle my mind, maybe it's worth a try. however, this thought not necessarily made me grab it fast. please excuse my cheap mind, but back then, shu uemura cleansing oil seems like the best and the most available in the market, and this shu one, of course, a bit pricey for my liking.
a few years later, i heard about the greatness of muji cleansing oil. with half of shu's price, yes, oh yes, it's really worth to try! so i bought their 50ml one, only to experienced the new form of cleanser.

after first application, all my doubt is gone. this product certainly remove make up, dirt and grease on my face, leaving my skin so smooth and clean.
btw, this is how to use cleansing oil:
1. glide 2-3 drops of cleansing oil to your entire (dry) face, including eyelid and lips (if you feel so). you can also wipe your lashes gently with fingers if you want to remove your mascara.
2. splash a bit water and massage your face gently to emulsify the cleansing oil. you can see the oil turns white in this point. (this is the most important point)
3. add more water, massage it through until your skin feels clean.
4. some people still feel the urge to use cleansing foam afterwards, but i don't. you can skip it if you like.
5. wipe your face with your favorite toner/astringent.
by this time, you usually can't find the excess of dirt on your cotton. well, sometimes i didn't wipe my eye area enough the mascara still on, so i wipe it with my usual make up remover. overall i feel clean already. with its power, i practically save time (and money) for layers of cotton with cleansing milk.

my first attempt is muji cleansing oil for sensitive skin (grey writings), product from Japan, and i'm instantly in love with it. so, when my auntie took a visit to Japan, i asked her to bought this muji cleansing oil in bigger size.
but then she bought me the other variant, with the red writings on it. i'm not really sure what kind of variant this is, since all the writings is in japanese (can't read/understand it), but i read somewhere that muji with red writings is for normal skin.
i'm not complaining, really, especially since she bought me bigger size than i thought, and she gave it for free. *smooches to my kind auntie*

at first, i didn't really like this new variant. i found it more difficult to erased, my skin still feels greasy after lots of water splash. but in the second application, i learned that it need more emulsifying. after that, yay to clean-feel! i also noticed that this normal skin variant leave my skin more moist, no stiff like the sensitive variant. oh i'm so-in-love.

FYI, i used it mostly after heavy make up. in the morning, i still used my usual cleansing foam. one day, i found my skin dry and flaking on T-zone. it's a bit unusual since i have normal to oily combination skin. maybe it's pregnancy hormones' fault.
then i'm running out of cleansing foam, so i used cleansing oil twice a day, and my oh my, my skin now moist, brighter, no more flake and dry skin. i know it's cleansing oil's job since i don't wear my usual moisturizer (no reason, just lazy).
my mom always said my skin was clearer and brighter soon after i used this product. oh wow. what can i say? i'm truly hooked. i wish i never run out of this product! :D

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Anonymous said...

Glad that you like your muji. anyway, the red one is for the sensitive skin, while the other is for the normal to dry skin :) If you run out, just check kaskus, i read one is opening a PO with reasonable price though.

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