Wednesday, January 13, 2010

bronzer trial + FOTD

like i said previously, i was really a bronzer virgin..till now. soon after i received my first bronzer ever, i try it on my face after some youtube tutorial.
i used stila sun spf 15 bronzing powder #2. it's matte, so it's safe to be used as all-over color. disco ball worry free! the color is buildable, depend on how tan would you want to be. me personally used it (mostly) as contouring color, to give dimension to my face.

for this look, i apply foundation (in this case i used bb cream) which is one step lighter than my skin color. it always make me look ghostly, that's why i need bronzer.

first, i apply bronzer in green area, which is contouring area. i found it by making 'fish look', suck my cheeks as much as i need to see the hollow below my cheeks. i did it several times till i achieve the right color depth. then i blend (with little color on my brush) the bronzer in blue area. as you can see, i made the big W on my face. from the temple, down to jawline, up to the nose. i add more color right below my apple of the cheeks and blend it thoroughly, make natural big W. i also dust some bronzer lightly in purple area.

in this look, i didn't only use bronzer, but also blush and highlighter. i wore my blush on the apple of the cheek to the temple and blend it with previous bronzer. then i applied highlighter on T-zone and my cheekbone. i used soft bronzer from Everyday minerals as my highllighter. true to the name, it really is soft, almost unnoticeable but i can see the difference.
voila! not too bad for first timer, aight? *big grin*

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

the chronicle of maternity jeans

i love wearing jeans, i could die without it. you can imagine how it hurts when i have to facing the truth that i can't wear my jeans anymore. with that fact, getting maternity jeans is my only option. sadly, getting them is not as easy as flipping hands. it should be well-fitting, good looking, hold my bumps and above all, comfortable.
that was my lucky day when i found this zara maternity jeans on sale booth in riau junction. there's no zara in Bandung, so i'm a bit overwhelmed when i found it. especially when they give 50% off the already discounted price!
this is a good maternity jeans. the stretch jersey hugging my bumps, hold the jeans which is nicely wrapped my butt. and the best part is i can still wearing size M! woo-hoo! (though in fact it was a huge version of size M, haha!)

see? M! LOL

Nyx, Mad minerals and Stila haul

two packages arrived today! and i'm uber-happy! it contains nyx 10 palettes for your eyes only in mysterious brown, mad minerals cream eyeshadow in nude frost, and stila sun spf 15 bronzing powder #2.

i believe all of these will become staples in my make up routine. here's why:
1. nyx 10 palettes for your eyes only in mysterious brown. this palette contain 10 subtle colors that compliment each other. all of them are pigmented and buildable without being chalky. however, i found their darkest one somehow less pigmented than the lighter one. i love most of the colors. my favorite is, of course, the green one. i try it on my lid, and the color pop without being over the top. loooveee it! i also love the violet and lilac one. it's subtle yet showed, though i haven't try it on my lid but i guess it will be great.

2. mad minerals cream eyeshadow in nude frost. the color is sooo nice for my skin tone. i used it for base and highlighter. well, as a base, it doesn't really do anything for your eyeshadow unless to make it stay longer. i mean, it doesn't make your shadow color more vibrant or else. but the texture is great. it's not sticky or creased because it turned powdery as soon as you apply it. and nude frost is the great yellowish nude color with shimmer. for me, this is highlighter i've been longing for so long!

3. stila sun spf 15 bronzing powder #2. this is my first bronzer ever. before this, i was such a bronzer virgin. getting a bronzer means i step forward to the next level of beauty school world. hahaha.with my non-existent experience, i guess i can't make a good judge of how this bronzer works. but with newbie eyes, i can tell you one thing or two about this bronzer. it's a very-subtle-almost-matte bronzer, though if you look more closely you can see a bit shimmer in it. it's like medium-dark powder in pan, but apparently it's not dark on my NC40 skin. yes, it has orangey-tinge, but i found it okay. i just used it slightly on my cheek to look how it turn out on my skin, and so far i like it. will inform the development later, i need more practice in this department! haha.

hello blue eyes!

hiya! this is my look from few weeks ago, just had a chance to post it now.
it's blue and silver eye like i never did before.

in this look i used:
MAC pigment in silver fog
MAC pigment in naval blue
NYX trio eyeshadow in lake moss
natur minerals in violet blue
mad minerals gel liner in black out
maybelline volum' express mascara

Tuesday, January 05, 2010

cosmetic shopping day!

udah lama gw dan icha merencanakan untuk syoping2 kosmetik murah-seru di mahmud. hampir tiap hari kita ceting, ngomongin kira2 apa aja ya yang mau dibeli di si mahmud indang. hehehe.
dan akhirnya hari itu dataaaaanggg!setelah ubek2 berjam2, inilah hasil belanjaan eyke...

1. kuas blush on. merknya entahlah. gw beli karena gw selalu butuh kuas gede buat berbagai blush on. sebenernya gw lebih butuh kuas miring, tapi ngga ada yg oke. jadi ini aja deh. well, quality wise masih kalah sama kuas pupa yg harganya lebih murah.

2. maybelline volume express cat eyes. aku sukaaaa!! gw bukan orang yg mascara-minded, prinsip gw one mascara at a time aja deh. dan karena maskara maybelline volume express gw itu udah berusia lebih dari tiga bulan, butuh dong yeee maskara baru. dan si mata kucing ini emang mantep! kuasnya kecil kaya sisir, jadi lebih gampang menjangkau daerah2 sulit, terutama bulu mata bawah, dimana aga susah kalo pake volume express biasa yang kuasnya gede itu.

3. oriflame vision eyeliner pencil. gw belinya iseng, karena gw ga punya satupun eyeliner pensil. belom pernah dicoba sih, tapi di tangan sih lumayan kereng. ya lumayan deh buat punya-punyaan aja...

4. pensil alis viva. ini sih emang karena butuh, udah keabisan. dari dulu gw pake ini, males ganti2 lagi. udah cuco booo...

5. my darling liquid eyeliner. bought it after good rave di FD. buat sebuah eyeliner cair ini murahnya kebangetan. dan hasilnya oke juga, sekali poles kereng dia. kemaren sempet test drive, jalan2 dan huhujanan dari pagi (siang) sampe malem. hasilnya, agak flaky in the end of the day. mungkin emang ga buat sehari-hari, jadi mungkin akan gw pake buat pesta2 aja. yang jelas ga rugi deh beli ini, definitely will repurchase!

6. lipstik revlon in fleshtone. ini baru belanjaan kalap. ga ada niat sama sekali buat belanja lipstik, apalagi gw juga baru beli si mauve it over kemaren. tapi pas icha asik milih2 lipstik, eh kok ya gw tergoda juga buat beli. dasar banci lipstik. btw banyak orang bilang lipstik super lustrous ini bikin bibir super kering, tapi gw tetep demen lho bagaimanapun juga. udah nyoba lipstik ini-itu tetep aja dong gw baliknya ke revlon lagi. mungkin karena murce dan pilihan warnanya banyak. hohohoho.

7. milani mai tai. oh kalo ini bukan belanjaan toko mahmud, tapi MP FD. akhir2 ini gw agak banci blush on dan merasa kok blush gw itu2 aja ya? kayanya emang butuh, dan pilihanku jatuh pada milani mai tai yang super pigmented ini. wow, sekali swipe aja warnanya udah kereng abeeessss... di pan emang rada nakutin, tapi pas dipake dia semu2 pink-peach bikin pipi gw jadi malyu-malyu. ah, suka ahh!

btw, total kerusakan mahmud kali ini 170ribu saja buat 6 item. seruuuuu....

muji cleansing oil wonders

although i've noticed this new form of cleanser for years, i just got a chance to try this a while ago. and i'm hooked!
at first i was a bit skeptical, oil to remove oil, is that possible? but good raves everywhere somehow tickle my mind, maybe it's worth a try. however, this thought not necessarily made me grab it fast. please excuse my cheap mind, but back then, shu uemura cleansing oil seems like the best and the most available in the market, and this shu one, of course, a bit pricey for my liking.
a few years later, i heard about the greatness of muji cleansing oil. with half of shu's price, yes, oh yes, it's really worth to try! so i bought their 50ml one, only to experienced the new form of cleanser.

after first application, all my doubt is gone. this product certainly remove make up, dirt and grease on my face, leaving my skin so smooth and clean.
btw, this is how to use cleansing oil:
1. glide 2-3 drops of cleansing oil to your entire (dry) face, including eyelid and lips (if you feel so). you can also wipe your lashes gently with fingers if you want to remove your mascara.
2. splash a bit water and massage your face gently to emulsify the cleansing oil. you can see the oil turns white in this point. (this is the most important point)
3. add more water, massage it through until your skin feels clean.
4. some people still feel the urge to use cleansing foam afterwards, but i don't. you can skip it if you like.
5. wipe your face with your favorite toner/astringent.
by this time, you usually can't find the excess of dirt on your cotton. well, sometimes i didn't wipe my eye area enough the mascara still on, so i wipe it with my usual make up remover. overall i feel clean already. with its power, i practically save time (and money) for layers of cotton with cleansing milk.

my first attempt is muji cleansing oil for sensitive skin (grey writings), product from Japan, and i'm instantly in love with it. so, when my auntie took a visit to Japan, i asked her to bought this muji cleansing oil in bigger size.
but then she bought me the other variant, with the red writings on it. i'm not really sure what kind of variant this is, since all the writings is in japanese (can't read/understand it), but i read somewhere that muji with red writings is for normal skin.
i'm not complaining, really, especially since she bought me bigger size than i thought, and she gave it for free. *smooches to my kind auntie*

at first, i didn't really like this new variant. i found it more difficult to erased, my skin still feels greasy after lots of water splash. but in the second application, i learned that it need more emulsifying. after that, yay to clean-feel! i also noticed that this normal skin variant leave my skin more moist, no stiff like the sensitive variant. oh i'm so-in-love.

FYI, i used it mostly after heavy make up. in the morning, i still used my usual cleansing foam. one day, i found my skin dry and flaking on T-zone. it's a bit unusual since i have normal to oily combination skin. maybe it's pregnancy hormones' fault.
then i'm running out of cleansing foam, so i used cleansing oil twice a day, and my oh my, my skin now moist, brighter, no more flake and dry skin. i know it's cleansing oil's job since i don't wear my usual moisturizer (no reason, just lazy).
my mom always said my skin was clearer and brighter soon after i used this product. oh wow. what can i say? i'm truly hooked. i wish i never run out of this product! :D
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