Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Waist belt of the month

It's not an award. It's just two waist belt I purchased this month. In accidental shopping time.

I purchased the grey one on Solution, one of the factory outlet in my town, mainly selling bags and shoes. I went there to make some survey about bags for my work (obviously not shopping time). But then I found this belt and my heart screams! I can't help myself bring it to the cashier and went home with ridiculous smile.

Btw, I got more than enough attention regarding to this belt. Everyone can't help staring at my waist everytime I wear it. Maybe its shiny glass blinding them! Haha!

The second one, is the accidental purchasement when I went to buy fuschia lipstick one day. On my way to pay my lipstick, spotted: the pretty cute waist belt in ridiculous price. It's only idr24,5k! With no doubt I grab it and bring it home.

Well, these is just a few from my dangerous accidental shopping. I've been doing a lot of purchasement this month and now my money is only enough to last me several days. Huaaaaa...

This (and few other) post is made to remind me, why I'm broke now. *sigh*

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