Friday, February 27, 2009

Electro magnifico

I was in the phase when I'm so addicted to cosmetics. I bought every single thing I need, from lipstick to eyeshadow, from red to blue. I wear make up everyday, for sake of experimenting.
Until I met one point where I feel I already had more than I need, along with my lack appetite of experimenting, and I always late to do make up before work. Then I stopped being addicted gradually (Actually it being replaced by shoe addiction, but let's hide the fact *shy*).

But somehow, I cannot live without make up. At least a lipstick. Errr, I'm sorry, I mean lipsticks-->one is never enough, frankly! Haha!

And today, I decided to wear an orange lipstick I rarely wear. It's called electro, from MAC. At the first time I saw it, I was kinda shock, since it's shocking orange! When my friend saw it, spontaneously she said, "how come you buy something like that?!" Eheheheh...

Somehow I like it. It's not too frightening on lips (or on photo, sorry for the lack of image quality.. I have no camera in handy so I took it with my bb instead). It's bright orange with the same (or less) amount of attention you'll get when you're wearing red. It's great to be mixed too. Mix it with red and you'll have pretty coral!

It's not my everyday wear, but it's great to brighten up my day a bit!
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