Tuesday, February 10, 2009


first post!
well, I'm not quite prepared this time, so I'm a bit clueless here, haha!
I promise to post waaayy more interesting stories later. but now, i'm just gonna spill some facts about me.

1. i live in Bandung, Indonesia. great town, less stressful than Jakarta. 'though the traffic jam seems worse this time (especially on weekend, duh)
2. i'm 23 now, 24 next month. nothing special about it since i'm no longer waiting for my 25 to get married. *hihi...*
3. yes, i'm married. 8 months now. and still considered as newlywed. mesra terooosss....
4. but no, i have no child yet. they're still in the making progress.. favorite thing!*sambil pasang muka binal, arrr arr arrr*
5. i work as a designer in INVICTUS, one of the local clothing in Bandung.
6. i love fashion, styling, shopping, and make up. haha, i'm sooo girlie.
7. i'm not a gadget freak and practically don't care about the latest gadget or else. but i do love my berry, it's a great companion since I don't talk a lot. i prefer writing than talking, so you can easily find me in the corner, having great time in a little world of me and my berry.*jiwa autis mengalir deras dalam darah*
8. i'm taking post-graduate program majoring design in my former university, ITB. i'm on my last semester and i'm dying to get away faaaaast!

well, i guess that's enough for now. i'm gonna leave you with some picture of me. not so artsy, y'all, i'm bad at pictures, but whatever.

-->jeeeessshh...my internet connection is such a sucka, it won't upload any picture! grrhhh
see you later, then!

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