Tuesday, February 17, 2009


I've been eye-ing this boots from Candyfeet for a while since the first I saw it on its multiply site. Unfortunately they don't do shipping for ready stock shoes. So I have to purchase it on Herroom boutique, which means, I have to go to Jakarta.

Last weekend, my hubby got sick, so instead of he visiting me, I went visiting him. To Jakarta I came! Lucky for me, my hubby's get well immediately (ternyata obatnya cuma belaian mesra sang istri..haha!), so I can ask him to take me to the bootie I want! Ha!

The journey from my house in Depok area to the boutique went quite adventurous! We took the trip (which is a long long trip) by motorcycle, and the rain came pouring us periodically, jadi kudu pit stop, twice!

After the long and adventurous journey (since our *especially me*Jakarta street acknowledgement seems dull), we found the boutique and the bootie!

I spent my last money for it (after many accidental shopping this month) though it's idr100k higher here than the price on her multiply site.*sigh* Wild guess, it's due to its expensive rent. Kaleee...

However, I gooot iiittt... *dancing*

And I wear it today. Hiha!

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