Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Love-hate relationship

Yesterday, I wore this ugly-lovely pants which has love and hate relationship with me. At first I love it, but then I hate it, now I love it again, and then hate it.

It's been a while since the last time I wore it to some kind of costume party with 80's theme at the office (and everyone said I'm the winner).

I've abandoned it for a long time with two reasons:

1. The cutting is so yesteryear. It's the real vintage pants from the 80's, so it's purely describe the trend back then. I don't wanna look like I've jumped from the time machine! Duh!

2. The bottom side of the pants is too wide for me (and I have wide bottom y'all). It didn't fit well.

BUT, I do love it, because its high waist (which I love) and baggy cut (in alternatives of never-ending skinny). So I try it on again yesterday, and magically, it fit! Pantat longgar no more! Haha!

I wore it with pride to the office, and I did my usual work-thing, sitting in front of my computer. Then I feel my stomach hurt. TERNYATA, my pant's too tight in the stomach area. It's not too obvious when I stand, but when I sit, gosh I can't breathe!

Hhh.. I guess I'm bloating. *cry*

Dengan hati ga rela (karena mulai cinta) ikk terpaksa mempensiunkan ni celana. Huh, hate status!

PS: turn out it's not the pant's fault, karena I tried other pants today, and it's ohh.. Ketiiittss!! *cry louder*

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