Friday, June 19, 2009

closet talk

i don't know what's gotten into me yesterday, but i feel like getting my closet re-organized. this closet is where i put my precious stash: clothes, bags and accessories. see, they're not much, but gathering them in one place give me satisfaction.
previously, my bedroom was such a mess. necklaces and clothes hanging here and there, a stack of semi-clean clothes in my dressing table seat, dozen pair of shoes scattered around, and few huge bags all over the floor. you can tell that i'm not a neat person. *shy*
but i'm tired to live like that! finally i decided to re-organize my closet and give space for everything i own. it turned out fun!
btw i think i need another hanger to separate necklaces and belts. it's too crowded there, don't you think?
and i still have no clue how to organized the shawls and scarves. i hang it with my clothes but apparently it's ineffective. in the end i just fold and pile them up. any other suggestion?


designer said...

I wouldn't show you my closet to let you know the true meaning of 'bursting wardrobe', but.. believe me, you are organized!


anggi said...

ah ha, they were organized because i just re-organized them. belive me, it won't last long! hahahaha...

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