Friday, June 26, 2009

what time is it?

"hello, little watch. now you're perched on my arm.ho ho ho."

ah zebra print. i'm such a sucker for you.
errr, it might not a zebra print, it could be a scratch from brushes. whatever. all i can say is i love it.
they still have few choices there on katallog. if you haven't visit it, please do.

image courtesy of katallog

ps ps ps
today, i heard the news that the king of pop, my childhood hero (i've listening to his songs since i was a little kid), died. i'm so saaaaadddd...
i spend the day talking about him with my friend, watching every news about him on TV, listening to his songs, and watching his videos on youtube.
when i search for his songs on youtube, i recall his songs often has deep meaning. his concern about hunger, racism, earth, AIDS, and that make me sadder. i even cry right now listening to will you be there.
may you rest in peace, Michael. i'll be forever your fan.

Michael jackson 1958-2009
image from here

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