Wednesday, August 05, 2009

jakarta trip day 2

Ah, in case you’re wondering, I’m here and fine. *grin*
Apologize for sporadic posting, especially when I’m supposed to write continuous story. My bad. :(

At first it’s hard to decide where to go in day two. But then we decided to had a lunch at PIM.
Since it’s our third mall already, we were not as excited as the other day. Mall to mall, they’re just slightly differ, but they’re practically the same. Yes, they have the same tenant, such as ZARA, which was held a mid-year sale. My hubby falling for their shoes he saw in Grand Indonesia, but they were ran out his size. Fortunately, the PIM one got his size, and it fit perfectly well, so, another shoes for him!

We had lunch at Pasta de Waraku. It’s our first try, and we were mesmerized by their number of choices. After quite a while, we decided our menu of the day. I forgot the exact name of the menu, but I had the soup with scallop and he had the spaghetti with crab cake. They were faboosh! I wanna try other menus!

Contented with pasta, we still had some room for frozen yogurt (again). This time we try heavenly blush. I pick the ori-pome twist, and I should agree, the pome one tastes like ol’ sugus candy. Haha! It’s good, but I still like tutti frutti and jcool better. I don’t really like this HB after-taste. But oh, their mochi topping is better than tutti frutti tho!

Last pic, this is where I dragged my hubby to took a picture of me head-to-toe. Tee hee…
I wore zara blouse, shawl, unbranded jeans, secondhand bag, charles&keith shoes and wind blowing my hair. :)

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