Wednesday, August 05, 2009


when i heard the news that phoenix (a french band, in case you're wondering) will come to Jakarta, i was screaming happily!
after more than a month drowning our ears in their albums, they're finally here!
the awesome thing is, i met them face to face accidentally when i was out from lift in Pacific Place. (!!) but the un-awesome thing is i didn't get a chance to take picture, i was too shocked, they're too close! haha..

after all, the gig was awesome. i was screaming all the time! haha.

naif with their hype performance

the S.I.G.I.T. awesome!

rock and roll mafia. will be great in the right crowd

the awesome phoenix!

the scream team


Anonymous said...

Yeay I was there! :D

anggi said...

yeay! it was fun, aight?

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