Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Bb cream vol 2

Bb cream swatches, left-right: A'pieu fresh, Missha Watery, Scandal, Missha Perfect Cover #21, Dodo club.

The quest of HG bb cream continue!

Btw, some of my friends asked me, what is this bb cream actually?
The least I can say might be: a foundation with benefit. It's like primer, foundation, sun block, moisturizer, whitening become one. It said as the magic cream. Haha, seems overrated. Maybe because when you put it on, your face magically looks better! Of course, your face will be back to normal once you wear it off. But it said that it has some benefit with daily use such as whitening, anti wrinkle, etc (depend on the product, of course)
And what kind of better it will be? Well, as for me, it vanished my pore, (slightly) hide my acne scars, make my face look even.

Then the quest continued..

My 4th attempt is Missha watery. True to the name, this bbcream tend to be watery. Not too runny, it's more creamy AND water. I guess you have to shake it before appliance. A bit weird, but it didn't affect the performance, though. So far I like it!
It's sheerer than the first three, but the shade is great for my skin! Oil control so-so. It give you glowy finish (not greasy) you might want to tap powder after it (but I don't). After a few hours I can see my nose a bit oily, but in the end of the day my face still look OK. This is the product I find myself grabbing often.

The 5th attempt is A'pieu fresh. Well, I can safely say it's fail to me. Coverage better than missha watery, the shade is yellowish, it said it has good oil control. But for me, it can't blend in my skin well. Even though they look not too fair in the tube (compared to missha PC #21), it still leave whitish tone in my face. After few hours, I can see my face patchy, one side fairer than the other, and it's greasy too. No oil control, instead it drying my face. Blahh.
So far this is the worst bbcream I ever tried. Too bad, I actually love the texture. Maybe it's just not for me, cos I heard some people love it.

After 5 attempt (yes, five is enough for me). I decided to end the quest and give the HG status (for the moment) to Missha watery! This is the darkest bbcream I've ever seen yet it still light for my skin (am I that tan? Seriously). My grandma said my face look good, and she said it after I did my daily activity which is full of sweats and dusts. Ha!

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