Thursday, August 13, 2009

BB cream craze

have you tried bb cream yet?

maybe some of you haven't recognize what bb cream is. BB stands to blemish balm. no, it's not an acne cream. it's more like tinted foundation with an advantage of moisturizer, nourisher, primer and sunblock. it said as the secret of Korean stars flawless face's secret. :D

i'm not a fan of Korean stars, but this bb cream seems promising. tried and tested.

i've been using it about a year now, but not religiously. my first (for a long time) bb cream is dodo club since it's easy to find (on the internet), got a good review, and cheap (of course).
i like how this (claimed as) magic cream done with my face. it make my face supple and better by slightly covering impurities. but a thing about this dodo club is it doesn't match my skin tone. as a common Asian, i'm yellow-toned, and this dodo cream is more pink-toned. even though bb cream's coloring tend to blend with our skin, it still annoy me.

the dodo club bb cream

that's why, after long time, i finally has a courage to find another bb cream that really suit me. and now it seems more difficult (or easier?) since there are soooo many range of bb cream to pick. oh.
my second try is Missha Perfect Cover #21. unlike the dodo club one, it has two color selection, 21 and 23. 21 is fairer than 23, while the 21 has more yellowy undertone, 23 is more pinkish. so i pick the 21. turn out it's way fairer than my skin i look like a ghost. and though it said as more yellowy, it's still pinkish to me. despite of the color, it's actually good bb cream. high SPF, good coverage, easy to blend, good oil control.

missha M Perfect Cover

i found it quite difficult to find the perfect bb cream for my skin tone. since most of the bb creams are originated from Korea for Korean market, they were tend to have fair colors. dodo club was said as the dark bb cream, and it still too fair for my tanned skin. :(

the search continued, then i try scandal bb cream. i think it's dc now, so hard to find it in the market. i heard that it was one of the dark bb cream, with good review (no SPF, though), and nice packaging! tee hee..

it has better coloring than two previous bb cream! slightly grayish tho, but ok. i think it will suit better for night out since it has no SPF, and the coverage is somehow heavy (especially if i want my face look entirely flawless from those nasty acne scars).

that said, i need to search more! :D


endira said...

eke juga cobacobi bb cream hoho. nyobain sample yang brtc perfect recover, ini bagus banget, tapi mahalnya ga nahan, skin79 yang dreamgirls juga bagus, lebih ringan tapi tetep coveragenya lumayan bagus, ihihi senang dech ada teman centil :D

anggi said...

huooooww...endiraaaa... bok, sejak kapan elu sama centilnya ma gwa? hahaha..*tossss*
seru yyaa cobacobi bb cream! iya brtc mahilsen banget ya, gw jadi agak malas mencobanya, takut cocok... hahahaha...
kalo nurutin nafsu sih gw cobain deh tuh semua bb cream! brtc PC sama Skin 79 dreamgirls warnanya pektay ga?

endira said...

*toss dulu aaach*engga kok, ngeblend, gw juga kan agak2 kusam dan dekils nih, malah lebih ngeblend dibandingin brtc. gw jadi tergoda sama missha nih gara2 lu. beli dimana bo ?

anggi said...

gw waktu itu beli sample-nya doang di member fashionese daily. karena cocok terus gw ikutan grup order full-sizenya di multiply. sekarang sih grup ordernya udah ditutup, tapi kalo mau sampelnya kayanya masih jual deh. atau lu beli sampel dari gwa aja kalo barangnya dah sampe? ohoho..

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