Wednesday, August 05, 2009

my first FD gathering

Fashionese Daily is Indonesia’s leading blog about fashion and beauty which also has their own forum. Their forum is so great, with more than five thousand member of Indonesians in all over the world!
With a noble mission of uniting their forum members, Fashionese Daily (FD) held their first big gathering. Yay!
For me, it was my very first time to see the face behind the nicknames. Though I’m not very active in the forum, but I notice some nicknames, and we’re in touch by twitter (and blog), so meeting them in flesh is such an exciting thing!
I’m glad I took a trip from Bandung to Jakarta to meet the beautiful girls of FD. They’re fun and friendly. Initially, I wanna be acquainted with all of the members there, but they are too many with too little time.
But I’m so happy to finally meet fellow bloggers I listed here, such as Dhyta, Putri, Mike, Novnov and many familiar nicknames. They’re awesome!
Finally, this is me red-carpet style with the purple dresscode. H&M blouse, unbranded jeans and shawl, topshop belt, candyfeet shoes.

image source: fashionesedaily

Yippee! Can’t wait to see you again, girls!

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