Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Final/personal project

Hello, dear! How's life treating you lately? I hope you well and have nice days!

Me? I'm having great time locked myself in my 'studio' aka guest-bedroom-going-messy. Basically I made something for final project, but I made something that meet my personal obsession. Hehe..

More statement necklace to come!!

This time I put more effort on it to make it look professional and sell-able.

Oh more effort is killing me! It took a long time to finish one item. Now I know why they sell statement necklace in high price. Haha!

Behind the scene pictures


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1 comment:

cha said...

ahhh seru bangetttt >.<
ajarin dong :)
hehe.. 1st time visit your blog :)

nice to know you

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