Monday, April 27, 2009

a college girl

i went to campus to visit its library (the dark, dusty, smelly, spooky with no decent wifi connection i mention earlier in twitter).
i met many undergraduate student sitting and talking on many comfy spots in my campus. well, it's no secret that my campus have many comfy spot to sit and talk, hang out with our clique(we all know it's intended to study, by the way). i used to sit there for hours with my friends, and go home when the sun is almost gone. we took some pictures of us too sometimes. it was great. sooo fun!
now i miss it.
the spots still there (even more now), but my clique is gone. they're busy working and i'm busy with my thesis. i am practically alone. postgraduate program is just different. :(

and that kids, the undergraduate kids, make me all jealous.
not just their company, but also their ability to wear anything they want. when i was them, i like to wear anything extra ordinary.
in my campus, the art students tend to be different, to separate themselves from the technic and science student. that's why the art students like to wear anything 'different' so anyone can guess "it must be art student". silly i know...hahaha...

oh well, that was then. i don't know the situation now. it might have changed.

BTW, this is what i wear today (now, actually). not at all 'different' or else. i'm just normal people now. hehe.

i wear my sweater from thrifted market with DIY zebra screen print, my chain necklace and new made by order boots.
oh, i'm full of pasta and lemon tea now. and it's dark outside. i should go home now. so glad to finally updating my blog with three post in a row. see ya later!


J.Yo said...

whoa i love those boots, girl!

anggi said...

aw, thanks! i love it too!

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