Monday, April 27, 2009

final/personal project part 2

this is the second part of my post final/personal project. after behind the 'scene' pictures, here comes the 'scene'!

i made it as an attempt to use pleather's waste material.
we know, pleather (plastic leather) is everywhere these days. from our shoes to our jacket (at least my jacket..hehe). and their production process, for sure, also produce waste.
since it's not organic material, it can't be recycled by natural process. and the increasing of this type of waste have a potential to damage the environment.
that's why i attempt to do something to recycle the waste and turn them into somethig useful.
there's many ways to do that, but i choose the most interesting thing (for me), accessories and jewelry!

my first attempt is these necklaces:

the last necklace is my personal favorite! i wear it often..hehehe...

1 comment:

shizuoka said...

aahh...abis liat ini jadi pengen bikin2 'kerajinan' lagi....hahaha...

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