Monday, April 27, 2009

weekend wars

no war at all, actually. i just like the song. hehe..

well, i have such a good weekend! like usual, my husband came to town, we took a two days mall-hopping and DVD watching. apparently it's our weekend ritual.

i dragged him to the garage and forced him to do some photoshoot of me. haha! actually i'd like to do more photoshoot here and there, but my husband is not a photo guy.

BTW, today is his birthday! so sad we can't be together, but we had a great weekend and it's enough for me. i just wish him a great time today!

this is him with his peace signature and his favorite tee from his favorite band, belle and sebastian:

and this is me with my studded pants, DIY necklace and messy hair. i need grooming!

day two. dressed like a teenager. haha!


Teppy said...

kenapa baju lo lucu2 semua sih anggiiiiii!!! *iri*

PS. Nice style you have ;)

anggi said...

wahaw! tengkiiissss!

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