Wednesday, April 29, 2009

me and trees

heyho. heyho.
another visit to another library. i borrow a book now. and i really, really, really have to work on my thesis!
but updating blog is just too tempting. haha!

this is what i wear today. it's still in the same spirit with my last post, casual jeans and tee. please don't get bored..

i wear my sister's DIY bleached tee, my jeans, dangling earrings and my hi-sneakers. don't ask the brand. of course it all has no brand! hahahaha...

pardon my frown... i don't really wanna go, actually. i would be happy to stay at home and sleep. silly me.

but it's good for me to go. cos the weather is soo fine! it's sunny with soft wind and trees everywhere (in my campus), even flowers blooming!
i can't help taking pictures.

this is the main gate of my campus, from the inside angle. i don't know what flower is that, but it's hard to find flowers in public space nowadays.
the trees, the quiet environment, it all seems perfect!
the pictures below are other angle from my campus.
the sculptures at the gate of my department, the grassy field in front of the department and the pink flowers from the main gate.


Sol said...

yay for the beached tee!
it looks awesome. it's kinda tempting me to experiment with bleach myself. everyone seems to do it, so why not?

shopdirtydiamond said...

aaaarrrghh bleached tee nya super geniussssss..!!

hey go visit our new online garage sale


chekka cuomova said...

love your tee!!
and love your college! I went there a couple of weeks ago and totally in love with it and took some personal photographs there LOL.. so, what major are you?

have a nice day! ;D

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