Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Birthday night out

Ah-ha! Not the greatest birthday ever, but I'm quite happy.

I brought a cake to the office, then we (me and the rest of the co-worker including bosses) circling it, make some wishes and I blow the candle (err..lighter, actually. Haha!)

Then my hubby (who still here! Ecstating!) came to pick me and take me home before we had a birthday night out.

We had dine in Zenbu, Japanese restaurant. It's our second time there and we're still impressed by the food they deliver. Full delicacy!

And that's me and my hubby with his silly (or you might say scary) face. Haha!

Btw I forgot to captured some today's outfit photograph, but I'm wearing my(favorite) vintage blouse, gray waist belt, high waist jeans and black shoes. The interesting part is the gigantic earrings I wore which is strangely hidden in the wild bush of my hair. Haha!


Jen said...

Mmmmm yummy!! I'm glad you had a good birthday ^__^

anggi said...

ha, thanks! yes i enjoy it, especially the food!

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