Friday, March 27, 2009

Shopping confusion

Have you ever feel like you bought too many for one particular item? I do. I just realize today, I tend to buy something I already owned. Maybe because I love it too much, but somehow I'm getting bored and need a little refreshment!
The thing is, I always fall for one object and never interested in others as it's just 'not me'.
I guess having a signature is good. But being stuck is not. Well, if I tend to fall in this particular object again and again, I could consider myself stuck. But if I refresh my closet with something that just isn't me, I think it's not wise either.
Maybe I should go thrifting and find something I didn't have before with no (much) guilty feeling. Haha!
Oh Gedebage I miss youu...

Btw, I went blogwalking yesterday and I found many interesting blog I wanna follow right after I get real internet connection. Very awesome and inspiring (and make me wanna go shopping, duh!).

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