Monday, March 02, 2009

Good afternoon, saturday!

On saturday afternoon, I went to Bandung electronic center with my friend Icha. After a few (lots, frankly) teasing and encouragement (by me) *mengeluarkan jurus2 rayuan setan cap kadal*, finally she bought blackberry! Yippeee..

Btw, I haven't seen her again after she was married, so it's like our first housewife-gang hang out! I'm so excited!

So, instead of wearing trousers like I used to, I wear rarely-worn skirt on this rare moment.

This outfit is so simple but I love it. It fit the casual, easy saturday afternoon.. (Though what we've been through that day is not easy at all)

T shirt: airplane apparel, about $4 *discount price*

Black tulip skirt: every (by me)

Belt: solution, about $8

Shoes: chrissie@sogo, about $17 *discount price*

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