Tuesday, March 03, 2009

Inside my bag

Long ago, I was a bag addict (kinda), and I liked to change my bag every single day.

But now, I find myself rushing every morning, there's no time to change my bag. I will wear the same bag for a long time until I decided to change.

And now, my bag of the season is this glossy chained bag. I found it on thrifted market in Bandung called gedebage, with excellent condition. It was only cost me IDR 30k! For a bag, the price is ridiculous, I guess...

Well, this is not quite a big bag, so the content is minimum. Fortunately, I don't really like bringing many things, so the bag's size fit me well.

And this is the content of my bag:

1. Blackberry curve. I cannot bear to live a single day without it. It's my (another) oxygen. I did everything with it, including this blog.

2. My Nokia phone. I forgot the type, sorry! Since I have blackberry, this phone is kinda abandoned.

3. Nine west wallet. My new wallet to replace my stolen wallet.

4. Elle notebook. Bonus gift from elle magazine long time ago.

5. Floral umbrella. The weather is so unpredictable. The umbrella is a must-haves

6. Blackberry data cable. The most important thing! I don't wanna trapped in the situation where my bb's battery is too low for radio use.

7. Clean&clear oil absorbing paper. My face is oily so I need this.

8. MAC lipstick. I like make ups but I hate touch ups. The only touch up I need is the lipstick.

9. Hairbrush. To tamed my lion hair, of course.

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opi said...

All you need is a bag organizer :D
Love your blog!

anggi said...

oh, yes, i really need a bag organizer. gw sangat malas mengorganisasikan barang2 gw dan biasanya maen lempar aja ke dalam tas. akhirnya saat dibutuhkan mereka jadi susah dicari. hahah..tipikal..

tampaknya gw harus mulai mengunjungi lapakmu bu....hehehehehe

btw, thanks ya!

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