Friday, March 06, 2009

Lacey legs

I just received this lace tights this afternoon, and I'm so excited! Though, in real life, it turn out to be more statement-y than I thought. I'm kinda getting cold feet to wear it on my daily activity.. Haha! (Yes, I ever had the tought)

My husband doesn't really like me in tights, so I will not wear it on the weekend, that's for sure (weekend: hubby time). The daily activity on weekdays is the only time I have, so I'm gonna try some way to make it more wearable for casual day.

But I love it, and it's fun to experimenting with. I try to layer it with my purple sheer tights (not shown here, my bad), and it turn out better than if I wear it alone. I guess if I wear opaque tight, it will look best! *another excuse to another shopping. Haha!*

Will report advance experiment soon!

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Oliphe Butarbutar said...

Hello there!
Where did u bought those tighs?
Hmm..24 years old, very young and married!hahahah.LOL

anggi said...

hello! gw beli itu di fashionese daily forum. ada satu thread yang jualan berbagai macam tights..
haha, too young to be married ya? nekat sih...tapi seru! hahahaha

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