Thursday, March 19, 2009

Casual dose

Home alone.

I really wanna stay at home all day but I can't. There are gazillion things I have to do outside, and I am so laazy...

Btw, this is my tuesday's outfit. I went to pizza hut to meet my friends from college. It's been a while since I met them, and this is totally awesome! Unfortunately, since we're too busy talking, story-telling and laughing, we forgot to take any picture.

For that day, I really wanna give my liquid legging some shot. Since I don't have a gut to wear it to campus, or anywhere with public transportation on the bright day light, I think it's time. I never be a legging-as-pants girl, but this legging is hard to resist not to wear as pants. I look like wearing a patent mirrory shine leather pants and gosh I love that! Blame my blingbling drag queen taste..

Well, since the pleather legging/pants is shiny enough to blinding people's eyes, I wanna keep the rest outfit casual. My picks are the batwing sweater and the baggy tee. Turn out the winner is the batwing sweater for its length that hiding my huge shiny bottom (sounds creepy, eh?) Haha!

I end up pairing it with that white purse and that white shoes. I'm conventional matching shoes and bags girl, you can tell.


Oxford Stratosphertress said...

:) love all your 3 outfits. Hehe it looks like you like staying home sometimes and trying on heaps of outfits :) hehe i love doing that too! :)

anggi said...

haha, so true! it keeps me sane after so many assignment! it's fun, right? :-)

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