Wednesday, March 04, 2009

Some clash for my busy day

I go out early in the morning, like any other wednesday ( to attend morning class!). I have class at 7, but I just woke up at 7.30. How crazy is that? I'm super lazy and my pillow always seduce me in a bad timing. Ghrr..

I need 30 minutes to take a bath, brushing teeth, pick up clothings, having breakfast, put on some lipstick and moisturizer, checking email at. blackberry (oh I so have time for it!), and running to campus, literally.

Fortunately for me, the lecturer was late either, so I'm not too late after all.

Well, in my rushing moment, I pick the first clothes in sight and it goes to this The Clash t-shirt from h&m. I'm hardly wear it since it too tight and too short for my preference, but today I want to give it another try. It turned out not so bad, I guess. Though the neckline's a bit too deep for a campus activity, and gaining so much attention from 'the real campus people'. I don't really care, I wanna leave the campus so bad anyway.

Oh, by the way, I just realized how much I love this necklace. It fit the neckline so well. I'm so 80's and I love it! Haha!

On me:
T-shirt, Divided by H&M
Bolero, tsumori chisato
Black pants: vintage
Necklace: vintage
Belt: random@yogya dept store
Shoes: charles and keith

Not so related: I think I need another pair of heeled shoes! Nothing comfortable enough for daily activity except the bootie.

Not related: I was watching American idol and I have a crush on Li'l Round. IMO she has talent and star quality. I can forget about the disappointing Matt Giraud from now on. Haha!

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