Saturday, March 07, 2009

The nostalgic studding

It seems like studs are back in trend! I like this trend, it reflects the inner tough side of me.
Bloggers started to studded their apparel themselves. Ay, it remind me to myself back then (when I was their age. But I'm not that old!). It was 2003, punk and studs were all the trend (at least for me and my community). I bought a bag of studs and began to studded my bags, my shoes, my everything. It took a lot of work and injured my finger, but I was happy!

Now, when I'm years older, I still love it. The trend now seems to be more sophisticated and mature enough. I love everything on the picture!
But I guess the DIY studded give more satisfaction. I'm gonna give it a try (again) in more sophisticated way. I really like how the bloggers did it much better than I did oh-so-many-years-ago (I was kinda lame..haha!)
I wish I had time to do this. I waaant itt!

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