Tuesday, March 03, 2009

Tropical safari!

It's hot today, so I decided to wear something breezy! I found this pants in my (messy) drawer, and pull everything instantly. I'm glad I can wear anything to work, including shorts, as long as I wear proper footwear, or looking good ;-)

I really like the scarf, since I'm in love with anything animal print! Haha!

Actually, the blouse has its own scarf. But since it's black, I don't think it will matched the whole outfit, so I changed it with this little leopard print.

And I love the bag too. But I don't wear it a lot.

Btw, I would like to purchase some everyday earrings, but I don't know what to buy. Guess somebody could help?

Oh! I'm glad the hot-ness (I mean, the weather) lasting long till I finish my day! (I have such a bad luck of matching weather and outfit recently. *sigh*)

Blouse: every (by me)

High-waisted pants: mango

Scarf: tie rack

Shoes: YK@metro

Bag: every (by me)


ess elsie. said...

Everything in this outfit is ace. The print on the bag especially catches my attention as does the way that you rock those shorts (that was not proper english, ignore me, it's midnight, hahah)

anggi said...

hahaha, thanks!

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