Tuesday, March 31, 2009

No face, studs only

This is my today's outfit. Excited to wear my newest DIY project. And I love, love, love this pants! Studs make it more interesting, who knows it's dirt cheap? (Well, now you know)

I don't feel like showing my tired and greasy face right now. Though I never liked my face anywhere here either, this time I'm in the lowest low. Even red lipstick won't help. Sigh.

Btw, if you have any questions or anything to tell me, feel free to email me on anggi.anggarini@yahoo.com

I will gladly answer! :)

Monday, March 30, 2009

Unfinished business

I'm so guilty, for not working on my thesis and working on this instead. It's been a while since I bought this necklace thingy but I haven't got time and inspiration until now.
I'm working on my third out of five rows and I can't feel my fingers already..haha!
I'm gonna finish it as soon as I purchase another wire..
Catch ya later!
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Friday, March 27, 2009

Shopping confusion

Have you ever feel like you bought too many for one particular item? I do. I just realize today, I tend to buy something I already owned. Maybe because I love it too much, but somehow I'm getting bored and need a little refreshment!
The thing is, I always fall for one object and never interested in others as it's just 'not me'.
I guess having a signature is good. But being stuck is not. Well, if I tend to fall in this particular object again and again, I could consider myself stuck. But if I refresh my closet with something that just isn't me, I think it's not wise either.
Maybe I should go thrifting and find something I didn't have before with no (much) guilty feeling. Haha!
Oh Gedebage I miss youu...

Btw, I went blogwalking yesterday and I found many interesting blog I wanna follow right after I get real internet connection. Very awesome and inspiring (and make me wanna go shopping, duh!).

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Thursday, March 26, 2009

Little slut burst

It's thursday, which is pre-weekend aka hubby time.

I don't know why (well, I know), every pre-weekend like now something inside me bursting out. the slutty me came out! haha!

Please ignore this post, as I'm not giving any inspiration but something to laugh about *grin*. It's not me (or is it the real me? Can't decide).

Now all I need is my hubby. Chocolate doesn't work! Hahahaha....

Wednesday, March 25, 2009


This polkadot tulip skirt from jeleprutt is simple but oh-so-cute! If the weather getting warmer I wanna wear it again and again! Haha..

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Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Unlucky but still happy

Today I'm doing some survey and research to government offices but it all fruitless. Better luck tomorrow!

Btw, this is what I wore. The thrifted blouse I bought more than two years ago and my HG high waist jeans. Not so special, but comfortable.

And the second two photos is the outfit I'm gonna wear on weekend. Though thursday is holiday, it's not for my hubby. I guess I'm gonna spend the holiday alone.. *hiks*

However, there's still weekend for me.. Can hardly wait!

Monday, March 23, 2009

4 days pants

Boring outfit, but this jodphur pants is the great to-go pants. I team it with anything, four days in a row. But I only had one chance to take photo. Getting busy lately!

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Friday, March 20, 2009

not so bright

As you might know, I post anything in this blog via email by my blackberry (that explain the annoying blackberry signature) because I don't have any internet connection at home. that's why i spent my days in warnet (hare geneeeee masih ke warnet???), cos my laptop is broken and i can't afford to buy new one...*hiks*But that's not the point!

The point is, for a long time, I finally see the face of my own blog on the wide screen. And I hate my own picture quality! Well, it looks fine on my bb, I just don't know it looks so gross on wide screen.

So, from now on, I'm gonna try to improve my picture quality by improving my photographing skill, from zero to about two? Haha. *Pesimists* At least until I could produce bright and clear photo. :-p

Wish me luck!

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Thursday, March 19, 2009

Casual dose

Home alone.

I really wanna stay at home all day but I can't. There are gazillion things I have to do outside, and I am so laazy...

Btw, this is my tuesday's outfit. I went to pizza hut to meet my friends from college. It's been a while since I met them, and this is totally awesome! Unfortunately, since we're too busy talking, story-telling and laughing, we forgot to take any picture.

For that day, I really wanna give my liquid legging some shot. Since I don't have a gut to wear it to campus, or anywhere with public transportation on the bright day light, I think it's time. I never be a legging-as-pants girl, but this legging is hard to resist not to wear as pants. I look like wearing a patent mirrory shine leather pants and gosh I love that! Blame my blingbling drag queen taste..

Well, since the pleather legging/pants is shiny enough to blinding people's eyes, I wanna keep the rest outfit casual. My picks are the batwing sweater and the baggy tee. Turn out the winner is the batwing sweater for its length that hiding my huge shiny bottom (sounds creepy, eh?) Haha!

I end up pairing it with that white purse and that white shoes. I'm conventional matching shoes and bags girl, you can tell.

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Birthday night out

Ah-ha! Not the greatest birthday ever, but I'm quite happy.

I brought a cake to the office, then we (me and the rest of the co-worker including bosses) circling it, make some wishes and I blow the candle (err..lighter, actually. Haha!)

Then my hubby (who still here! Ecstating!) came to pick me and take me home before we had a birthday night out.

We had dine in Zenbu, Japanese restaurant. It's our second time there and we're still impressed by the food they deliver. Full delicacy!

And that's me and my hubby with his silly (or you might say scary) face. Haha!

Btw I forgot to captured some today's outfit photograph, but I'm wearing my(favorite) vintage blouse, gray waist belt, high waist jeans and black shoes. The interesting part is the gigantic earrings I wore which is strangely hidden in the wild bush of my hair. Haha!

Monday, March 16, 2009

Birthday girl!

Today is my birthday and everyone seems to remember it! Well yeah, not everyone, but I'm still happy!!! *especially cos my hubby is here to give me birthday kisses!*

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Saturday, March 14, 2009


I'm feeling slutty-ness right now. Maybe because my husband coming tonight? Jaaaa....

Hihihi, that's why I put this top and wear it as an extremely short dress along with my vintage velvet jacket. Give some air to my gigantic legs! Haha!

I thought it will be too predictable if I team it with tight o r leggings. But yeah, it's extremely short (since it's not even a dress) and I don't wanna follow the trend pam anderson and duffy bring (though I love duffy!). So I decided to put my lace tight one more time. It's more flattering and looks warmer. My legs said they're freezed already. Hehe...

Btw, I watched yes man for the second time and I still like it! I've been falling for zooey deschanel as my girl-crush since I saw her on failure to launch. But in this movie, she's waay cooler than before. And I like her songs here! I really wanna limewiring them, if it available.

Ps: on the second photo, I'm actually wipe my nose after sneezing. See? My legs freezed..hahaha!


Wow, I love my lace tights more than I thought! It can go with anything, along with the baggy tee and make my old legging seems new.

Btw, NERD is coming to town! I always love pharrell williams and I really wanna see him live. But I haven't got the ticket yet. I hope I'll got it!

Screen stars best tee, random short, leather palace boots, vintage necklace.
Arena legging, ellen darsana top, candyfeet boots, thrifted bag, CK watch.

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New blouse

I just got this new blouse as a free stuff from my workspace. One of my design. And I wear it on my first thesis preview, with jacket and no headband, of course!

Btw it's a flash and no-flash photo. I like the no-flash version better. It hide my silly face! Haha!
Oh, and I got an unrecognizably new haircut. Not really different since it's still on 'lion hair' style. Hehehhehehe...

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One of the most hectic day in my life. Jajajajajaja....

Every (by me) pink blouse
Random belt (cheapo)
TRF jeans
Candyfeet shoes
Thrifted bag

Btw, I don't really wear this boots as often as it looks. I just love taking picture of me when I'm on it. Haha!
And I love how the blouse is so flared. My sister said I look like a pregnant mom in it. Haha!

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Friday, March 13, 2009

Teen vogue masuk kampus

Kemaren gw disuruh pembimbing tesis gw buat nyari buku 'penting' yang katanya bisa didapat dengan mudah dimana aja. Dan ternyata, gw cari keliling2 ke semua toko buku dan perpus yang ada di kampus, jahh.. Kaga ada!
In the other hand, gw malah nemu majalah ini! Mulanya aga terheran2, di kampus cap gajah yang identik sama orang2 nerd (yang bikin simulasi kuis di jam istirahat, fiuh!) ini ada aja lhoo yang jual teen vogue. Ga cuma ini, juga ada lucky, vogue, elle dan majalah2 impor lainnya. Bo, harganya 35ribeng aja pula. Gimana gw kaga histeriamamakita? Selama ini kalo mo nyari majalah impor murce harus jauh2 ke cikapundung, padahallll di kampus sendiri juga adinda! Hepi deh gwa!
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Wednesday, March 11, 2009

foto colongan...

so sorry for the lack of update, while i promote this blog on every social network i'm in! *shameless*

i was so busy on everything for the last days, and i don't know what to post since i have no time to take a quick snap of my outfit (but it's boring, so you don't miss anything).
for many quick jump here and there with my husband, i used to wear my most comfortable outfit, high waist jeans (celana anti masuk angin) and long sleeve t-shirt with jacket.

btw, i found this photo of my friend on the facebook, and i stole it! *big evil grin* i like every detail she puts in here. black lace, belted waist, and zebra print!

her name is Vella. she's a member of a 'gang' we're in. (haha!) we used to share anything girly like fashion, make up and shopping. though we live not too far away (me in bandung, and she's in bogor) but we never had a chance to meet again after a long time. facebook is the only media to keep in touch with her.

vella, yiuukk kita maen mekap2an lagehhh...hahaha!

Saturday, March 07, 2009

I visit it again and again and again

styleseekingzurich.blogspot.com is my favorite fashion blog! What I love about this blog is their sense of style, and how they managed the most wearable outfit seems so stylish! They're like, stylish without effort. Adorable!

Source: styleseekingzurich

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The nostalgic studding

It seems like studs are back in trend! I like this trend, it reflects the inner tough side of me.
Bloggers started to studded their apparel themselves. Ay, it remind me to myself back then (when I was their age. But I'm not that old!). It was 2003, punk and studs were all the trend (at least for me and my community). I bought a bag of studs and began to studded my bags, my shoes, my everything. It took a lot of work and injured my finger, but I was happy!

Now, when I'm years older, I still love it. The trend now seems to be more sophisticated and mature enough. I love everything on the picture!
But I guess the DIY studded give more satisfaction. I'm gonna give it a try (again) in more sophisticated way. I really like how the bloggers did it much better than I did oh-so-many-years-ago (I was kinda lame..haha!)
I wish I had time to do this. I waaant itt!

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Friday, March 06, 2009

Lace and chains

Aand this is me playin' dress up with my lace tights. I'm too lazy to layer it with anything so I wear it itself.
Not bad, but still, don't know where to go with this outfit. *sigh* I wish I could go back to my younger days when I still have the intention to go party.

Well, in my first styling experiment, I teamed my lace tights with this mini dress I got few months ago. The belt actually too loose for me, but I could wear it on my hips and make the outfit look different. More casual, I guess.

Top: marks&spencer
Dress: arithalia
Lace tights: FDMP
Bag: thrifted
Shoes: candyfeet
Belt: topshop
Necklace: vintage

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The abandoned pants in the drawer

I was gonna playin' dress up with my lace tight when I found this pants, lying on the drawer. This is my mom's pants, but she never wear it, so I guess I could play with it.

Well, I'm not so sure about rolled-up pants, but this pants look better in rolled up. It make the whole looks more 'now'.

Gray pants: st michael from m&s
Tops: marks & spencer
Belt: solution
Scarf: vintage
Shoes: candyfeet
Bags: ciciero

Btw, I'm so glad one of my photos rated as chic and appear in style gallery of chictopia! Woww.. It's my first time and I'm soooo exciiited! *dancing*
Thank you for your comments, it mean the world to me! Haha!

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Lacey legs

I just received this lace tights this afternoon, and I'm so excited! Though, in real life, it turn out to be more statement-y than I thought. I'm kinda getting cold feet to wear it on my daily activity.. Haha! (Yes, I ever had the tought)

My husband doesn't really like me in tights, so I will not wear it on the weekend, that's for sure (weekend: hubby time). The daily activity on weekdays is the only time I have, so I'm gonna try some way to make it more wearable for casual day.

But I love it, and it's fun to experimenting with. I try to layer it with my purple sheer tights (not shown here, my bad), and it turn out better than if I wear it alone. I guess if I wear opaque tight, it will look best! *another excuse to another shopping. Haha!*

Will report advance experiment soon!

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Wednesday, March 04, 2009

Some clash for my busy day

I go out early in the morning, like any other wednesday ( to attend morning class!). I have class at 7, but I just woke up at 7.30. How crazy is that? I'm super lazy and my pillow always seduce me in a bad timing. Ghrr..

I need 30 minutes to take a bath, brushing teeth, pick up clothings, having breakfast, put on some lipstick and moisturizer, checking email at. blackberry (oh I so have time for it!), and running to campus, literally.

Fortunately for me, the lecturer was late either, so I'm not too late after all.

Well, in my rushing moment, I pick the first clothes in sight and it goes to this The Clash t-shirt from h&m. I'm hardly wear it since it too tight and too short for my preference, but today I want to give it another try. It turned out not so bad, I guess. Though the neckline's a bit too deep for a campus activity, and gaining so much attention from 'the real campus people'. I don't really care, I wanna leave the campus so bad anyway.

Oh, by the way, I just realized how much I love this necklace. It fit the neckline so well. I'm so 80's and I love it! Haha!

On me:
T-shirt, Divided by H&M
Bolero, tsumori chisato
Black pants: vintage
Necklace: vintage
Belt: random@yogya dept store
Shoes: charles and keith

Not so related: I think I need another pair of heeled shoes! Nothing comfortable enough for daily activity except the bootie.

Not related: I was watching American idol and I have a crush on Li'l Round. IMO she has talent and star quality. I can forget about the disappointing Matt Giraud from now on. Haha!

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